Love at First Sip: Cover Teaser

Thirsty takes on a new meaning with nine romantic tales of love and happily ever afters. The spark might begin with a drink, but these relationships develop over many more to come. From changelings to bounty hunters, shy doctors to Death himself, this diverse blend of stories has all of the right ingredients for everyone... Continue Reading →

Secrets: Cover Teaser!

Seven salacious stories guaranteed to sizzle with the promise of whispered secrets and steamy reveals. From dominant strangers to intimate mistresses, wild west gang leaders to sinister witches, there is something here for every flavor, bound together by one simple fact—a secret. Unwrap these scintillating mysteries layer by layer to reveal delicious confessions. Join contributing... Continue Reading →

Darcy Coates: Horror with Hope

Holy CRIMINEY y'all! How is Darcy Coates not holding a Bram Stoker right now? I think as soon as an author has that common-folk-stank of commercial success, people become blinded to the true merits of their work. The twists in this book were incredible. Multiple twists that all wove together so well. And I saw... Continue Reading →

WWW Weds: Scary October Reads!

This is a weekly meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. What Did I Recently Finish Reading? I think I might be the only weirdo who regularly picks up reading material at the grocery store. I did a poll recently in two writer's discords. I asked how many people buy reading... Continue Reading →

The Dia de los Muertos Book Tag

I created this tag with Anna Book Critter. Everybody is welcome to do this tag, just please link back to both of our blogs ❤ Photo by Chait Goli on The Day of the Dead is all about remembering and honoring past generations. Name a book with an intergenerational cast or a strong focus... Continue Reading →

Coping with Depression

I don't know exactly when I first started feeling depressed. Before I get any further, let me just acknowledge that like, literally everyone has depression. Very few people I've met don't have issues with depression. You know why? Because being alive sucks. It's awful. All the terrible things are so so terrible, and all the... Continue Reading →

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