Stormer Personality Types: The Common Powers

If you’re a fan of Time Storms, you’ve probably noticed that different types of stormers have different personalities. This is something that the characters start to notice towards the end of the first book, and it’s commented on frequently in the second book.

Maybe you’ve been wondering what type of stormer you would be.

Here, I’ll explain the personality types of the four most common stormers. Keep in mind that these are generalizations, and not every stormer will fit perfectly with these descriptors. Human beings are not static creatures. They are constantly evolving and growing, whereas their powers do not change (except in the case of power “swapping” but the stormer’s original power continues to act as their descriptor, ie: ‘Healing Stormer’ ‘Fire Stormer’ ‘Water Stormer’ etc.)

Here are the four most common stormer types. I’ve listed them in order, going from most common to least common. The less common types (seeing, manipulation, wind, flying) and exceptionally rare types (stoppage, movement, creation, earth) will all be covered in other posts.

Healing Stormer

Our reckless and infuriating protagonist, Veronika, is a Healing Stormer.

Healing Stormers are thought to be followers, people with weak character. It’s easy to see how the stormer community came to this conclusion.

Healing Stormers are motivated primarily by fear and self-preservation. These are their guiding emotions, and while they can exhibit independence when it suits them, they tend to look to others for direction and guidance. They don’t necessarily have weak character, but their ‘beta’ personality type can appear that way to others.

Healing Stormers are very comfortable taking direction from others, and their strength tends to present itself best when someone else is in the leadership role.

Most Healing Stormers would fall into the D&D alignment system of Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good. They tend to be selfish, but also very pragmatic.

A good example of this is when Veronika, Jesenia, and Nate are in the car they’ve flown out of the forest and they are surrounded by an angry mob of medieval villagers. Veronika realizes that if she doesn’t get out of the car and sacrifice herself, all three of them will be killed. Healing Stormers are not altruistic, but they also aren’t evil. Since Veronika thought she was going to die anyway, she decided she might as well save the other two people in the car.

Healing Stormers have great analytical skills. They are usually good at fixing things, and often pick up new skills quickly with little formal training.

Healing Stormers are wonderful at crafting cognitive dissonance. They can hold many contradictory beliefs at once. They are concerned with being “good” but rarely do anything that doesn’t serve their needs. They think they are striving to be good people, but usually aren’t actively pursuing that goal. This is just one example of how Healing Stormers tend to be hypocrites. They don’t notice when they’re being hypocrites, but they are receptive to criticism. If someone else points out their cognitive dissonance, they’re likely to reconsider their views.

Healing Stormers wear their emotions on their sleeve. They have a difficult time keeping how they feel hidden, but they are far less emotionally volatile than Fire Stormers.

Healing Stormers care deeply about other people, when it doesn’t interfere with their own wants. Healing Stormers enjoy making other people feel good about themselves, particularly through compliments and praise. Healing Stormers have a soft spot for emotionally damaged people. They want to build them up and “fix” them. This is why they so often end up in close relationships with Fire Stormers.

Healing Stormers are empathetic, although it doesn’t always appear that way because they tend to act in their own self interests. They have a good understanding of other people, and like Fire and Manipulation Stormers can easily read the emotions of others.

Healing Stormers are the most common type of stormer. Around seventy percent of stormers who arrive are healers.

Healing Stormers are primarily female.

They are most compatible with Fire Stormers and Earth Stormers. They are least compatible with other Healing Stormers and Water Stormers.

Fire Stormers

Fire Stormers are emotionally volatile. They come in two varieties; the angry and violent and the depressed and lethargic.

Jake is an example of the former. His guiding emotion is anger. Charlie is an example of the latter. His guiding emotion is sadness.

Both varieties of Fire Stormer have a low opinion of themselves, although this may not be apparent in the angry, violent variety of Fire Stormer.

The angry Fire Stormer has narcissistic qualities, and like any narcissist, the ego is inflated but also very weak. The Fire Stormer is fragile. The angry Fire Stormer may say that he is a superhuman god, but under all that bluster, he feels very small and unimportant.

The difference between the angry fire stormer and the sad Fire Stormer is that the sad fire stormer is lacking the narcissistic inflated ego. They acknowledge their own low self-esteem.

Both varieties of Fire Stormer have a good understanding of other people. They are adept at reading people and share many qualities with the more rare Manipulation Stormers.

They also have excellent analytical abilities and problem-solving skills.

While Fire Stormers share the analytical abilities of Healing Stormers, they don’t share their pragmatism. Healing Stormers can be impulsive, but tend to think things through more than Fire Stormers. Fire Stormers are ruled by their emotions and this is why Healing Stormers can compliment them so well. They need someone more practical to help them think things through.

The angry Fire Stormer displays leadership tendencies, while the sad Fire Stormer usually doesn’t. Fire Stormers can be either alpha or beta personality types.

Fire Stormers seek a higher purpose. They are driven by a quest for meaning, even if that quest doesn’t always display itself in a healthy way.

Fire Stormers are primarily male.

They are most compatible with Healing Stormers and Speaking Stormers. They are least compatible with other Fire Stormers and Seeing Stormers. This is because they feel uncomfortable being so exposed and vulnerable. Simply being in the company of a Seeing Stormer causes a Fire Stormer discomfort.

Water Stormer

Water Stormers fall into neither the alpha or beta personality type. They are true neutrals when it comes to leadership, and this is because they so highly value cooperation. They don’t put a lot of stock in hierarchies, but they will respect a hierarchy if the rest of the group is willing to do so.

Water Stormers are calm and placid people. They abhor violence and fighting, but they are able to put those feelings aside if necessary. “For the greater good’ is something the Water Stormer fervently believes. This is why so many Water Stormers volunteered to assist in the siege against Blackrose Castle. Their desire to help the imprisoned stormers and save lives outweighed their distaste for fighting.

Water Stormers care what other people think. They are all about compromise and teamwork and their powers are strongest when they work together.

Water Stormers have a great deal of empathy. They are altruistic and often put the needs of others above their own.

Water Stormers are brave, but aren’t great at solving problems. They don’t have the analytical abilities of Healing Stormers and Fire Stormers.

There are an equal number of male and female Water Stormers. This is a power not segregated by gender.

There is an age distinction, however. Water Stormers are primarily elderly individuals, with the youngest Water Stormers being in their mid to late forties. Mavis, the Australian character introduced in book two, is one of the youngest Water Stormers.

They are most compatible with Speaking Stormers and other Water Stormers. They are least compatible with Fire Stormers.

Speaking Stormer

Speaking Stormers are a bit of a cross between Water Stormers and Wind Stormers (Wind Stormers are the only somewhat rare element power, and that is why they aren’t mentioned in this post).

Speaking Stormers have all the cooperation and empathy of Water Stormers, but they also have the mischievousness and sense of adventure of Wind Stormers.

Speaking Stormers, unsurprisingly, are very social and love to talk to other people. They highly value understanding and seeing things from the other person’s perspective.

They often don’t show all of their cards, preferring to keep their feelings and motivations hidden. This sets them apart from Healing Stormers and Fire Stormers, who tend to wear their emotions openly. They don’t say how they feel unless they see a real purpose in it, much like Manipulation Stormers.

Speaking Stormers tend to have lots of casual friends, but few close friends.

Speaking Stormers can fall into either the alpha or beta role, depending on the people around them. They are adaptable and can wear a lot of different hats.

Speaking Stormers are not distinguished by age or gender. There are an equal number of male and female Speaking Stormers, and they come in all different ages.

Speaking Stormers are compatible with most other types of stormers, as they are quite easy going.


  1. I’m torn. I feel like I’d be either a Water Stormer or a Seeing Stormer. Hey, is there a quiz I can take?


    1. Hey there! I really want to make a quiz. I’m just having trouble figuring out how to put one together. But I’m hoping to have a quiz up on the site in the next week or so 🙂

      Seeing Stormers and Water Stormers are both really cool. I think the biggest difference is that Seeing Stormers have the potential to be selfish and evil in the right circumstances, whereas Water Stormers are cooperative and altruistic all the way through.

      I’m so curious, which would you rather be? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m leaning toward Seeing now that you tell me all this (I’m also a Slytherin!) When the situation calls for it, I’m definitely a ‘the ends will justify the means’ kind of gal. I feel like I should tell you I followed you here from Wattpad! I only just learned about this blog and it’s got me all kinds of excited (〜^∇^)〜 Can’t wait for the quiz!


      2. Is this lulu from Wattpad? The awesome gal who writes Spiderman and Ben 10 fanfiction? 🙂

        I’m a Slytherin too!

        There’s definitely nothing wrong with being a Seeing Stormer, because they can be either good or bad, depending on the situation. I actually found it super hard to try and sum them up in this blog, because they can be so different. Like Vincent is a really good Seeing Stormer and then Bridget from book two uses her seeing powers for evil.

        I think it just depends on what each Seeing Stormer wants (like you said ‘ends justify the means’) and who they surround themselves with.

        I think they’re one of the most complicated stormer types.

        Thanks for the follow! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes! Tis I, lulu from Wattpad! And I really can’t wait to take this quiz. Hope my mentioning it so much isn’t making you feel too pressured to produce it faster or anything. I’m just really excited. I love it when a book series I love expands on its universe and lore like you’re doing. It’s so fun.

        There’s just so much to Stormer types I never even knew. Like it’s never cut-and-dry or black and white with them. It kind of really just comes down to who you are as a person and as you said, who you surround yourself with. I think that’s so rad. I’m gonna be following this blog like CRAZY, just a heads up 😀


      4. I thought it might be you 🙂
        No, I don’t feel pressured. Your excitement did get me more excited about it though. And while I might go back and tweak it later, I have the Stormer quiz!

        It’s my first attempt at an online quiz, so hopefully it doesn’t stink. Let me know if you have any feedback for me 🙂

        I’m having so much fun with this world-building and it’s so incredibly motivating to see other people getting excited about it too. I’m obsessed with the Time Storms world.

        Yeah, I tried to create kind of loose profiles for the Stormer types, but there are outliers too. I guess it’s sort of like horoscopes. Not all Stormers will fit into their type.

        It makes me so happy to hear that you’ll be following the blog. I have some fun ideas for content and I can’t wait to add in all the stuff that couldn’t make it into the books. This is going to be my info-dumping playground lol

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is interesting. I’m trying to make your system work with other personality typologies, but I’m not sure I can.

    If I had to take the four main types you outlined and matched them to the four basic personality types from ancient history, I would say:
    Speaking Stormer … Sanguine
    Fire Stormer … Choleric
    Healing Stormer … Melancholic
    Water Stormer … Phelgmatic

    That doesn’t work perfectly, though.

    If I had to match them to the Meyers-Briggs basic types, I’d say
    Speaking Stormers are SPs
    Water Stormers are SJs
    Fire Stormers are NTs
    Healing Stormers are NFs

    But that doesn’t work perfectly either. Actually, all of their descriptions sound a little NF to me.

    I like what you are doing with your blog, posting about your world building and research. It’s similar to what I am doing with mine.


    1. Wow, thanks for the thoughtful reply! NF means intuitive/feeling? I’m not super familiar with Myers-Briggs or the four basic personality types from ancient history, I’ve got to admit. But your comment has got me interested and I’ll definitely be looking into them. I just looked up the meaning of Choleric and it sounds like that matches up with Fire Stormers pretty well.

      Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 I couldn’t get all the world-building into the books, but readers were curious 😛


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