The Time Storms Blog

The Time Storms series is a wattpad fantasy series of time travel, magic, romance, and mass murder.

I started writing this series for a few reasons.

I love romance. I read a lot of romance novels. What I don’t love are the themes of male aggression, violence, and boundary crossing that fill the pages of romance novels.

This bothered me for a long time.

Then, being the true crime weirdo that I am, one day I stumbled across the Columbine fangirls of Tumblr and I knew I had to find a way to write about them.

But I couldn’t just write about them. I had to explore the world that created them. These women who claim to be in love with dead mass murderers are the logical extension of a world that equates masculinity with violence, and a world that tells women, in so many insidious ways, that the best boys are the ones that are bad and broken.

I think it’s all connected. I think the fetishistic treatment of male violence in romance novels, the “bad boy” trope, and the alarming rise of mass shootings, the most masculine of crimes, it is all connected.

And I wanted to write about that.

Also, time travel is cool.

Thus, the time storms series was born.

If you haven’t read the series, you can find it here


  1. Interesting stuff. It is really kind of mind-blowing that anyone would think to develop a crush on a person who became famous for mass murder. It kind of reminds me of when Lorena Bobbett castrated her husband, and he was deluged with offers from women. Like, what???

    I don’t read a lot of romance and my novels are not in the genre but they do feature love stories of course.


    1. I’m honestly such a freak for being so fascinated with this stuff, but I can NOT look away from the train wreck of women fangirling over the Columbine killers. I’m utterly blown away by some of the horrific stuff I’ve seen on Columbine Tumblr.

      But what bothers me most about it is the reasons so many of them have for their crushes. “I feel like I could have changed him (wounded puppy syndrome)” or the women who think they would have been special to such a dangerous male (magic vag syndrome). Or the ones that are just into the violence of it all.

      I see so much of these same lines of thinking in the romance genre, and that common thread between something so mainstream and something so objectively heinous just…really needles at me. I feel like it’s worth taking a look at.

      Not all romance is bad. I really adore the romance genre. But there are some problematic tropes, and I think those tropes are equally damaging to males and females and reflect some larger problems in our culture. The bad boy trope, the prevalence of warriors as male love interests, the financial objectification of men in the Billionaire sub-genre…ugh…it’s a lot…

      I think it’s awesome you have love in your stories, even if they aren’t in the romance genre. Love stories are so universal, and I think most stories are better with a bit of love in them 🙂


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