Take The Stormer Type Quiz!

What kind of stormer are you? Are you a selfish but resilient Healer? Are you a volatile but driven Fire Stormer? Or maybe you’re an adventurous but naive Flying Stormer?

Take the quiz to find out!


Post your results in comments below and let me know if the results surprised you.

I really like to think of myself as a Fire Stormer. I just want all that angst! I mean, I don’t want all the violence and nastiness, just the angst.

I guess that’s why I’m actually a Healing Stormer. Like a true Healer, I’d rather have a more impressive power, and don’t want to admit I’m more of a beta.

Oh well, Healers are somewhat decent at least.

What about you? Tell me if your Stormer Type disappointed you or if it’s exactly what you were hoping for!


  1. I’m a Seeing Stormer, and I can admit I kind of wanted to be a Water Stormer, just so I could hypothetically have an ability that could be used offensively. But I’m great with Seeing! As long as if I have to, I could use my powers and the knowledge I gain from seeing into people’s minds and pasts for less noble deeds ;D


    1. Yeah, water is a little more useful in a fight. Eh, at least you’re not a Healer. Those guys are really useless in a battle. At least with Seeing you have a bit of an upper hand because you can usually spot your opponent’s next move.

      Lol you’re a true Seer. Of course you’ve gotta use those mind-reading powers for mischief πŸ˜›

      I really wanted to be a Fire Stormer, but I made those dudes way too angsty. As neat as a power as that is, I’m just not that miserable. *sigh* It’s Healing for me.

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    1. Flying Stormers are wicked cool. One of my favorite secondary characters, Jesenia, is a flying stormer. They’re such a cool balance of fun and serious. Did you agree with the results? πŸ™‚

      Thanks! I think it’s fun. I was playing around with the idea, but when one of my readers suggested it I knew I had to do it. It’s been really cool hearing from other people what Stormer Type they’re getting πŸ™‚

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