‘Incel’ is Now a Banned Book

Update: The book is currently back up on wattpad and flying under the radar for now. I changed the title to “Over, Buddy Boyo,” hoping that keeping the I-word out of the title might help it go unnoticed. The most ‘offensive’ chapters, including “Faggot. Pussy.” and “Wet Holes” will have to live exclusively on this blog. I have a feeling “Wet Holes” was what finally did it, but that misogynistic objectification didn’t come from my main character. My main character is meant to be a sympathetic Incel who struggles with feeling isolated from mainstream society, but can’t accept the negativity of the only people who understand him.

My book ‘Incel’ was removed from wattpad. I got one warning to tone down the “offensive content” and then several days later, my book was gone without any further messages from wattpad.

I never received any critical comments from readers. Because that’s the regressive left for you. Instead of telling me what the problem was with my book, they reported it and had it removed. SJW types do not believe in free speech, free expression.

Wattpad is nothing but SJW types, so the fact that my main character was an Incel who didn’t feel super positively about women, that’s all it took to get my book removed.

I write a book about a lonely guy who becomes bitter: removed!

And yet, look at wattpad’s erotica and romance sections. There are so many despicable stories of women being kidnapped and raped by hot dudes. “The gangleader is my sexy rapist who beats me” is basically the monomyth of wattpad. But I guess all of the romanticized abuse and violence against women is fine when it caters to female fantasy. The feminism buck stops real short when it comes time to soak some panties.

And my book wasn’t about or for women specifically. It was about the male experience. It was about the crisis young males are in right now. It was about the dread and loneliness of the modern male experience.

I’d absolutely argue all the disgusting romanticized abuse is far more problematic.

I’m not arguing those stories should be banned instead. I’m very anti-censorship. I just think it’s quite telling which books make the wattpad ban list.

Anyhow, I’m moving my book “Incel” here to wordpress.

I shall post it one chapter at a time. It will have it’s own category to make it easy to read in order.


  1. I’m glad you are doing this. I tried to read your Time Storms series on Wattpad, but couldn’t figure out how to leave comments or how to find my place after leaving off reading and then logging on again. Reading a series of WordPress posts will be easier for a reactionary semi-Luddite like me.

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    1. Oh, thanks for checking it out. This book is a little more….idk, edgy? Than Time Storms. Honestly, Time Storms is full of gun violence, so that’s probably the book that should have been banned.
      But nope. God forbid I make an incel look semi-sympathetic :/
      Still annoyed about the whole thing to be honest, but knowing at least one person might check it out here is uplifting.
      Maybe I’ll start posting Time Storms here too πŸ™‚

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