More Literary Agent Tweets Presented without Comment


    1. That last one is the tweet that horrifies me the most. Particularly since she wants it in YA format. I don’t know why jokes about murdering men is funny :/ I can’t even imagine the gender-swapped format of this. Maybe something like, “someone please write me a YA about male vigilantes who murder all the women who tell them they’re too short!”
      (also this feminist forgot the word ‘female’ is evil now)

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      1. There is actually a Dixie Chicks song about this. “Goodbye, Earl.” At least in that song, Earl is an abusive husband who has already ignored a restraining order. He didn’t just tell someone to smile.

        Yes, right, the vigilantes should be gender-nonbinary … but if there is no such thing as male and female how can there be feminism … etc etc …


      2. And yes! lol Identity politics is really starting to cannibalize itself what with non-binary and ‘gender is a spectrum’ ideas. And now we have trans people who don’t believe in non-binary people, and feminists who are anti-trans, and TERF/radical feminists hating the lib-fems…’s a mess lol And yeah, there are the people who say feminism itself reinforces the gender binary and is itself an act of erasure against non-binary and gender fluid people :/

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