Some Tweets from Literary Agents Presented without Comment


    1. Oh gosh, don’t let my salt deter you. I’m very pessimistic about the state of identity politics lately.
      Honestly, I just went the indie route myself. I received some pages requests, one full request, but ultimately after years of querying, was rejected enough times to give up. I self-published through Lulu.
      What I really freaking hate is not knowing if my skin color had an effect in all those rejections. If my younger sisters, who are biracial with a Mexican dad had written the same book, would they have gotten representation? I freaking hate not knowing that. Would my writing be good enough if I had enough diversity chips? That’s what’s really driving me crazy lately.
      Maybe my writing just sucks. I don’t know.

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      1. Yeah, I think every author has these doubts when faced with rejection. “Is it me? Is it my writing? Is it the system?” I’ve seen authors of color, who got published after fewer queries than I’ve sent out, write that they “would have gotten published sooner” if they’d been white. So I think every single person does it. You know, it’s sort of like dating to find The One, but with way more rejections. 🙂
        Every time I get a rejection, I have these paranoid fears that the agent: was bored, thinks it’s trash, etc. …. maybe. But what I suspect is that the genre I write in is not growing.
        Someone once told me query “at least 100” agents before giving up, so that’s my plan. Probably would be smarter to go to 200 or 300, but there’s only so much this little semi-inflated, semi-fragile ego can take. 🙂


      2. Oy, maybe we all think we’re the victim :/ lol I wonder what the truth really is.
        Yeah, I’ve had probably around 50 rejections at this point. It sucks. The worst part is seeing my platform blow up on wattpad and being like, “What the hell….real humans LIKE my books, so what gives??”
        And then you get so little feedback from agents. I have no idea why my books have been successful in the indie space and I can’t get agents to give me a chance :/ It’s very frustrating.
        Good luck to you in your querying! You might have some luck with small Christian presses? You write books with Christian themes, right?


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