Chapter Nine: Never Be Like Them

The blackpill? What was that?

A quick google search answered his question. Incel shit. Apparently it was the groundbreaking incel philosophy that women were attracted to hot guys. Truly shocking stuff.

Adam rolled his eyes. Take the blackpill. Yeah, because that’s exactly what he needed, to get sucked into the incel degeneracy and start rage-posting about how rape should be legal. He was already a sad, pathetic lonely dude. The only way he could make himself more repulsive was to start fucking around with incel shit. Incels. Like Elliot Rogers. A bunch of crazy mass shooters who thought women were only useful for sex.

Like everyone else on reddit, Adam had been vaguely aware of the incels for awhile. He knew he could probably consider himself an incel if he wanted. He had a few things in common with them. He was lonely. He felt like a loser. Women didn’t like him. He was a freaking virgin, almost in his mid-twenties. But he wasn’t an incel, because he didn’t hate women. If he hated women, why in the fuck would be so desperate for one? Incels were delusional fucktards. Blaming the world for their problems.

Still…something picked at him. He wasn’t….wasn’t seriously thinking about looking into incel shit. It was just…nobody on reddit had really helped him. They didn’t understand him. He didn’t have to agree with the incels just to read some of their posts. Posts from other guys in his position might make him feel better. Maybe that…he only wanted to settle down, feel okay enough to sleep. Posting on r/relationship_advice had only made him feel worse than ever. Get a better attitude…it’s your fault…take a shower….it’s easy. But it wasn’t easy and he took showers plenty and he felt less understood than ever.

He typed into the search bar the name of the subreddit he’d always sort of wanted to visit, but hadn’t ever dared to.


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The screen darkened, as he clicked onto the subreddit. A black background and instead of the usual number of people listed, the sidebar simply read, “0 Men Getting Laid.”

A quick scan of today’s top posts.

If it’s all about personality, why did Hitler have a girlfriend?

Foids reproduce with dumbass Chads bc they want to become the dominant gender.

If you’re under 5’5 you will never be happy. It’s over.

How does hypergamy work with lesbians? I don’t tip foids. Superlike ugly foids on Tinder to trigger them. WOMEN ARE DEFECTIVE MEN. Would any of you boyos date a MTF trans? I hate being a wagecuk. So fucking lonely. Simps are worse than foids. I bought that thot’s bathwater and now I hate myself. How many autistcels here? The cucks on IT are the truest truecels of all.

And memes. So many memes. Frogs wearing smirks. A sad, raging face behind a smiling mask. Virgin versus Chad. Becky versus Stacy.

It’s over. It’s over. It’s over….IT’S OVER, BUDDY BOYO.

Adam closed the tab. His throat tightened. There was a swelling pressure in his ears. Nausea swirled in his gut. How could he actually have considered browsing on that sub? It was vile and hateful stuff. He wasn’t an SJW, but he also wasn’t a raging asshole. Defective men? Foids? They referred to women as ‘foids’? The fuck was wrong with these cringey-ass neckbeards?

No. No no no. No way.

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Adam was not one of these guys. Being a virgin didn’t make him an incel.

He took a long drink of water to settle his nerves. A spider crept slowly down the beige wall behind his computer. He thought about smashing it. Nah, he’d leave it be.

Opening up a new tab, Adam took a new direction. He went to r/dating and searched, ‘how to get a girlfriend.’ He browsed through a number of posts, reading a plethora of tips. Some of them sounded more plausible than others. One post said that lonely guys should take themselves on dates. God. How sad. It was explained in such a weird way, but the basic idea was a good one. He should go out into public by himself and go on adventures. It was impossible to meet anyone sitting at home alone. That made a lot of sense, and he guessed he could do that.

Other posts and comments advised lonely guys not to talk to women just because they want something from them. Don’t act like every woman is a potential girlfriend. Did he do that? He wasn’t entirely sure. He did know that when he was talking to women he was usually thinking of fucking them or wondering what his chances were if he asked them out.

He could give some of this a try. He could go out on adventures. He could try out some new hobbies. He could become more interesting. He had to admit, he didn’t have a lot going for him other than his vidya and anime. It couldn’t hurt to become more well-rounded.

When he finally hit the sack, he felt somewhat better. If he put in a little effort, worked a little hard, maybe a happy life was within his reach. Maybe….maybe…

He closed his eyes and listened to the voices of Sebastian and Ciel.

So lonely.

Hate being a wagecuck.




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He shut his eyes harder, crushing his lids together as if he could crush his own thoughts. Why had he let any of that degeneracy into his head? He didn’t need that crap bringing him down. Fuck the blackpill and fuck whatever smegma-covered dickhole came up with it. He wasn’t like them. They weren’t his people-like-us. He wouldn’t be like them. Wouldn’t. Would never, never be like them.

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