I Have a Newsletter Now!

Sign Up! Let’s Keep in Touch!

Okay, author newsletters were something I fought for a long time. It wasn’t until I realized that newsletters don’t have to be the cheesy marketing thing I thought they were-they can be a personalized way to stay connected with readers and fellow writers-that’s when I decided I’d create one.

I don’t do anything that I don’t see value in. That’s why I’m not on facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I have to LIKE what I’m doing. That’s why the bulk of my marketing efforts are in content creation. I like creating content.

Once I realized a newsletter is just another form of content creation, one that could have value for my readers, that’s when I caved in. And I have been fighting against “spammy email marketing” for ages.

I won’t create anything I wouldn’t get value from myself. My newsletter will come out once a month. It will include any giveaways (including some exclusives that I hope to run in a few months that are ONLY for my newsletter subscribers). It will have links to any interviews I’ve done. I was interviewed twice in the last month. That’s not something I usually shout out on this blog. It will also include my latest merchandise, updates on book releases, and my wattpad recommendations.

Lastly, I notice (believe it or not) I don’t give my readers enough personal information to satisfy their curiosity. It’s probably because I’m not too active on social media, but I’m always getting messages asking me to talk more about myself. Sometimes I’ll get wattpad comments like, “Does anybody know anything about this author?” Well…I don’t know why anyone cares (and most of the time I feel like I’m way too TMI). I’m boring as shit. I split my time between reading medieval manuscripts and lurking in the manosphere. I have no friends and sometimes I shop for Instacart. Not too interesting. But since my audience tells me I’m too mysterious, my newsletter will also include a short segment on what I’ve been up to in my personal life. The May newsletter will include all the youtube drama I’m keeping up with and all the bread I’ve been baking, like the basic bitch that I am. I have lost the fight against autobiographical readings of fiction and I’m ready to embrace the postmodernism of it all!

Sign up for newletter please!

I tried to embed code. Even got my techy husband on the case. We couldn’t figure it out. But we do got dis landing page tho.

Bam! https://mailchi.mp/df0cd22d1cfc/jyvur_newsletter

I’m so looking forward to keeping in touch with my readers and writer friends more. See ya! XD

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