I’m Getting Really Frustrated with Stock Image Sites

I love romance. When I write romance, I’m always trying to do something new. I have no interest in writing the typical alpha male hero. (Not that I won’t make him the villain, like in Time Storms).

I like my romance men nerdy and sweet.

That’s why in my book Time Storms, I was rooting for Vincent all the way through the love triangle (no spoilers-I didn’t say how it worked out in the end). Vincent is chubby, kind, funny, protective, easygoing. He’s just the typical nerdy gamer guy.

Then I’ve got my Time Storms prequel, Desire and Destruction. This is the book that explains what started the time storms in the first place.

I actually love Cole even more than Vincent. I just wrote such a cute little nerdman and I adore him.

Here’s my problem: I can NOT find even one stinking picture of a couple where the man is shorter than the woman. Cole is about six inches shorter than Ingrid. Something I’ve noticed, what with my younger sister being an absolute amazon woman at six feet tall, is that very tall women often like very short men. Every dude of hers I’ve ever met is 5’2 or under. Then like the goth queen she is, she marches around in her giant boots that add another five inches. It looks odd. Yet, the dudes she dates don’t seem bothered and neither is she.

I was bored reading about giant men, so I figured I would write myself a romance where the woman is 5’8 and the man is 5’1.

And I can’t find any freaking pictures of a man who is even slightly shorter than the woman. I tried Deposit Photos, Big Stock Photo, and Pixabay.

I think that really says something about how men and women interact. I know some men are insecure dating tall women, but I think the insecurity is usually on the side of women. It seems grumpy gamer chicks like my sister are secure enough to date men shorter than them. But this is a girl who was glued to a Nintendo 64 back when gaming was weird for anybody of either gender. I’d be begging her to play Barbies and she’d be all “Shut up! I need to kill this guy!” So, I think she just gives zero craps what anybody thinks.

Maybe if we had more media representation of couples where the man is the shorter of the two, we’d see more of it in the real world.

I’ll just say this to the women who won’t consider dating a short man: I’m married to a short guy and I feel perfectly safe with him. When men are short, they still have more muscle mass than us. They’re still stronger. So the whole “I want to feel safe and protected” doesn’t make much sense. I watched my 5’5 man lift a fucking solid wood bed frame on his own. When we both worked at Home Depot, he used to pick up bathtubs and just place them into trucks like it was nothing, all while the managers were going, “It’s a two man lift! Stop!”

Also the whole, “I just want to feel small and feminine!” Well, aren’t we always telling men to be secure in their masculinity? Girl, be secure in your femininity!

That’s it, I suppose. I’m just over here super frustrated that I couldn’t find even one picture of a couple where the dude wasn’t at least two inches taller.

I’m probably going to hire someone off deviantart, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s just…weird. I thought I’d be able to find at least one picture.

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