Take a Look at this Drawing of my Characters!

Don’t you just love that? This was drawn by CocaineJia of deviantart.

It’s Jake and Veronika from my completed wattpad novel Of Time Storms and Tourniquets.

She drew this to go with my absolute favorite chapter in the book, “This Medieval Shit.”

For anyone who hasn’t read it, Jake is basically off-brand Eric Harris. The whole book is meant to be a critique of the romance genre, and you guys already know I have beef with the Columbine weirdos while also blaming mainstream romance for creating them. I’m always looking for ways to point out the similarities between mainstream romance and the Columbine fangirls. So I made my alpha-male asshole character basically Eric Harris. Well, except he’s tall. Like freakishly 6 foot 5 tall. I mashed Eric Harris with all the typical traits of the dickhead male lead in most romance novels.

It was surprisingly easy to do this and, as a society, we should all be ashamed.

Wattpad really surprised the hell out of me and nobody really shipped Jake and Veronika. I was like, Yesss, wattpad XD I mean, this is the website where rape and kidnapping fantasies are the norm. I really thought people were going to be into Jake. Most people weren’t though. They detested him from the start (woot!) Unlike on Tumblr, the good folks of wattpad draw the line at mass murder. I tried to include the mass shooting scene early in the book to make it clear Jake is the antagonist, and although Veronika sees him as a love interest, readers really shouldn’t.

My main character Veronika has to grapple with her confusing feelings for him. She knows it’s evil to lust after a sociopathic killer and she does it anyway. The book is all about her coming to terms with how her sexual urges aren’t the most moral, but she has the choice to rise about it and not indulge those urges. We all do.

Honestly though, the book is so long, it did turn into more than that. I love the world and the characters. It’s my most ambitious work ever, both in themes and just sheer scope. The first book is almost 600 pages (125k words) and I’m busily working on a sequel, hoping to turn it into a trilogy.

Anyhow, this girl CocaineJia does take commissions. If you’re not into her art style, I definitely recommend perusing through some of the other amazing artists on that site. It’s so much more fun to commission artwork than to just choose a stock image. Plus we get to support our fellow indie creators that way!

It’s so fun actually getting to see my characters, as I imagined them in my head. I really recommend deviantart to my fellow indies who might not want to rely on stock pics.


    1. The artist did a really nice job 🙂 I’ll definitely think about making some merch out of the picture when I eventually publish Time Storms 🙂
      (and hi Emily!!! It’s been a bit 🙂


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