Chapter Sixteen: Wake Up, Buddy Boyo

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*bigbutthunter567 142 points Don’t tell her you’re a virgin. That’s for sure. Some girls don’t care but most care a tunnn and if you tell her you haven’t had sex shes gonna take it for a red flag. Ask her to hang out. Netflix and chill or something. Tell her your a virgin and she’ll bounce.

*frostytehbromann 89 points Just shoot her a text and ask if she’s up for a hang. Keep it super casual. Then if she shoots you down it’s all good.

*missesbigshot 2 points uhmmm….female here… just no

*frostytehbromann 1 point ??????????

*missesbigshot 1 point Yeah, getting asked out thru a text message.

Super romantic. I’m swooning.

*frostytehbromann 23 points don’t worry babe. I’ll catch you.

*missesbigshot -4 points fuck off

*doesany1fuckingcare 28 points

Look, I know it sounds simple, but it really is. Just go talk to this girl. Walk right up to her and tell her you think she’s cool and you’d like to get to know her better. Women are just people. They’re actually pretty easy to talk to.

*poorcel -14 points

23 and a virgin and you haven’t taken the blackpill? Wake up, buddy buyo, it’s fucking over.

*Author’s Note: Can I call the reddit format a modern epistolary novel? Erm….Think I’m gonna do it*Reddit users here are fictional*

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