Inkarnate Map Round Two

Here is my map for my wattpad book Timefall. It’s a little more detailed now than the last time I posted it. I am pretty happy with Inkarnate as a map-making tool.

It’s still not looking as pretty as the demo maps. I can’t quite figure out how to add terrain details, like grass, desert, etc.

The continent is mostly forested and grassy though. I’d like to add a desert, but I don’t think that would make sense scientifically.

I’m also having trouble with scale. I originally thought those little hexagons should be a few hundred miles each. But in order to make sure people can actually see the icons, I have to make them kind of big. I think I’m just gonna have to settle for this map not being to scale. It stinks though. I really wanted it to be :/

I’m hoping the rest of it makes sense. People have only been coming to this planet via timestorm portals for 123 years, so I figured they should mostly have a few large cities, and those cities should be predominantly on the coast (like real-world ancient civ-the first major civilizations were all by bodies of water). The ones that are more in-land are either near lakes, or they’re small villages.

Next thing I have to figure out how to do is add city names to the map. One of my favorite things to do when reading fantasy is flip back to the map and see where the characters are and how far they have to go. Rand is in Shadar Logoth now? Well, let’s check and see how far they’ve come from Emond’s field and how far they still have to go to get to Tar Valon.

What do you think of my first attempt at intricate world-building? Any changes you would make? Are you a world-builder? Tell me all about your world in the comments!

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