Some Stuff About This Blog

My Book ‘Incel’ has been getting a lot of traffic in the past week. I can see a lot of people are viewing it. I wanted to update everybody on the progress of that. I haven’t abandoned it. My computer crashed and like the dumbass I am, the whole book is on that computer. I didn’t have a backup. I’m married to a tech guy who is trying to help me get it working again, or at least retrieve the files.

In the end, I might have to start from scratch. But I was planning to change a few things anyway. I think I want to tone down some of the secondary characters’ edginess. I don’t know, it’s a tough line to walk. Incels are already the punching bag of the internet, so I don’t want to make them look too bad. At the same time, I can’t really ignore the fact that edginess is a part of the incelosphere. And I don’t just want to turn them into like uWu sad bois. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing myself an awkward little cinnamon roll of a man, but I feel like that’s not the right call here. I can’t make them too soft. But, well, some of the edginess is probably part of the reason why the book was banned from wattpad (I snuck it back on though! The word ‘incel’ is not in the title, so maybe nobody will notice….)

I’m not cutting the word ‘cunt’ though. If only because my stinking romance novel Desire and Destruction has a male love interest who uses the word ‘cunt.’ Nobody cared because it’s a romance novel. What I’ve figured out with wattpad is this: You can get away with anything if it caters to female fantasy.

Anyway, I was pretty proud of the work I had done so far, and I’m just really hoping we’re able to retrieve those files, so I don’t have to start over.

The other thing I want to mention is that ever since I posted it, my Columbine fandom versus Mainstream Romance post has consistently been my most viewed post. Since it’s a topic people are interested in, I’m going to try and do a deeper dive into it. I was thinking of writing something about Jordan Peterson’s theory that Beauty and the Beast is the female monomyth (the basis of all female romantic entertainment-civilizing an uncivilized man) and from there, exploring how women attempt to enact the Beauty and the Beast story through parasocial relationships with male killers, with a focus on Eric Harris’s fandom. I’d also want to dig a little bit into how Eric Harris fangirls differ from Dylan Klebold fangirls, and where the two intersect.

I’m especially curious as to how Columbine fangirls pick their….ew…..favorite killer (vomit). I wonder if the Harris fangirls share any particular personality traits, if the Klebold fangirls have similar personality types, etc.

So, yeah…I can see that people are interested in this subject and so am I, so I’m planning way more deep dives moving forward.

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