Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Nobody tagged me. I tagged myself. I love reading tag posts and decided I’d start doing more myself.

Okay, ahem!

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

On this blog, not too long. I originally created the blog just to create supplementary material to go with Time Storms back in the summer of 2019. That was my passion project of the time and I had some readers who wanted to know more about the Time Storms world.

But this quickly turned into something else, because I can’t focus.

Before this blog, I had more nonfiction content on wattpad, which is where I still host my novels and WIP.

I’ve been blogging erratically since I was a teenager. Like…since 2002, before it was even a thing people really did. I’ve never taken it very seriously. I blog when I feel like it and cover the topics that I want to cover.

I have blogged semi-professionally a few times. Those were all short-term gigs (3-4 months) and only one actually required me to show up for meetings at an actual building and set up interviews in the field and such. The rest were more freelance-type things. My favorite blog I ever wrote content for was a paranormal blog. I don’t believe in ghosts or any of that, but man was that a hoot.

At What Point Do You Think You’ll Stop Blogging?

Probably never. Although I do take breaks sometimes.

What is the Best Thing About Blogging?

It allows me to blow off steam in a creative way. I just like putting my perspective out there in the world.

What is the Worst Thing?

Well, this is probably weird for someone as obnoxious as me, but I care a lot what people think. I worry about my reputation a lot. I worry that I sound stupid. I worry that I’ve crossed the line from snarky-in-a-funny-way to actually cruel (hence, why so much of my content disappears on a regular basis). I worry I’m being an asshole. I worry that I’ve lost perspective and everything I’m saying is wrong.

Anyway…that’s just some of the constant anxiety tumbling about in my head.

Blogging really adds to that anxiety, as much I enjoy expressing myself.

What do you do to make it okay?

I try to listen to criticism with an open mind. I make changes when it feels right and I stand my ground when it feels right. I’m not ever backing down on the link between the Columbine fangirls and mainstream romance.

How long does it take you to make/find pictures to use?

When I get sucked into searching for stock images on DepositPhoto, it can take awhile. Recently I’ve started using more images from the wordpress library of free images. I’ve also started reusing pictures from past posts.

One thing I don’t do is snag pictures from google. I don’t know about bloggers, but wattpad writers do that a lot and it makes me nuts. You can’t just take an image without knowing the copyright license on it. Just because it’s easy to snag pictures from google that doesn’t make it legal or ethical.

Who is Your Book Crush?

Severus Snape from Harry Potter. I just always really liked him, from the first book. I thought he was really mysterious and had a lot of depth. And he turns out to be so heroic and brave.

Gah! And Alan Rickman plays him the movies, with those dark brown eyes. Swoonn! I was sad when his character died 😦

What Author Would You Like to Have on Your Blog?

Paul Tremblay! I adore his work. That man is a horror genius! I’d love to learn more about his creative process and what it was like to start writing later in life.

What Do You Wear when You Write Blog Posts?

Same thing I always wear. My basic bitch uniform: skinny jeans, converse, a messy bun and a hoodie. I am the most basic of basic white girls. I’m cool with it. I know what I am. I do yoga and I love Starbucks. I’m not in denial.

How Long Does it Take You to Prepare?

It depends. My pick-me post actually took me a really long time. Mostly because I had to stop being heated, so I could write coherently. And then I wrote and rewrote it a bunch. I wanted to make sure my points were strong. It just really bothers me that feminists use shaming tactics to keep other women from criticizing feminism.

If it’s something like that, that I really REALLY care about, I’ll spend a few weeks drafting my post.

But to be honest, the majority of my posts are done a whim. I keep a running list of possible topics and when I sit down to write, I’ll usually pick a topic and bang it out in an hour or two.

How do you feel about the blogging community?

Generally positive. But I do think too many book bloggers are indistinguishable from one another. And I wish more book bloggers would stray outside of their niche. You know, you don’t HAVE to just blog about books.

If I could say anything to my fellow book bloggers it’s this: Stop being so formal! Have some fun. You don’t have to be so darn professional. I can’t even tell who half of you are from your posts. They all blend together in my wordpress feed. You have a personality. Let’s see some of it!

Also, please stop including a 3 paragraph synopsis in your review. Summarize, my dudes. 3-4 sentences is all you need to give me the gist of it.

And please stop using boring titles like “Review of X book.” Come up with a thesis for it. How does this book fit into the overall literary landscape? Think about that and craft a compelling thesis based on it.

Stop with the spoiler free reviews. They are boring as shit. “This book was good with strong characters”-okkkayyy…..what about that was supposed to be interesting? Vague statements just aren’t entertaining. And book blogs ARE supposed to be entertaining. Let’s be real, if I want to know if a book is good, I could just look at the goodreads rating. So, saying “it was good” or “it wasn’t good” just doesn’t add a lot. There has to be some entertainment value in there as well.

And let’s get more rant reviews up in here. I know I’m not the only freak who likes rant reviews. The posts where I complain about books always get more clicks, likes, and comments than the posts where I wax poetic on how much I loved a book.

Mostly stop stressing yourself out about blogging. I can’t count how many posts I’ve read from book bloggers talking about stressed and burnt out they are from blogging. Don’t blog when you don’t want to! This is supposed to be fun!

What do you think one should do to create a successful blog?

I think it’s better to be authentic. If success happens, it happens. It’s better to have a small following who appreciate what you bring to the table, than a huge following built on a facade.

Okay, well that’s the end of the tag. I tag everyone who read this who feels like doing it. Bye! 🙂

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