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I know I already did a tag post this week, but I like reading them, so…I’ma do a second tag this week.

Okay, let’s do it.

This tag was created by blogger allonsythornraxx.

Why did you start blogging and Why have you kept blogging?

I’m an opinionated human and I’m delusional enough to think my opinion counts for something. I mostly started this blog to create supplementary stuff to go with my book Time Storms (like the Stormer type quiz). But then the blog turned into a place for me to share all of my opinions, hereby saving the good people of wattpad from having to read all of my nonsense in their newsfeed, because wattpad is basically my facebook.

I like blogging. I like reading blogs. I like planning posts. I also really liked having a place to post chapters of my book Incel when wattpad freaking banned it like the censoring bag of dicks they are. Still salty. I was successful in sneaking the thing back onto the site under a new title and I’m still salty.

What is Your Favorite Type of Blog Post to Write?

It’s actually not book reviews. I know this is supposed to be a book blog, and I enjoy reviewing books, but I just feel kind of ‘meh’ about it.

My favorite types of posts to write are the ones that are critical of the romance genre, because I’ve got some beef there. I’m also a mush and I love to read romance. Honestly though, romance is so messed up.

I really do hate a lot of the obnoxious tropes of the romance genre that make females look fucking psychotic. We’re not, but a lot of us get off to really degenerate shit. Even mainstream stuff like 50 Shades is pretty messed up. Female fantasy involves a lot of abuse and that makes me really uncomfortable. Like I really want to write a whole post on the Red Pill concept of “building dread” and all the examples of romance novels proving those dudes right. I think my favorite is when Christian Grey’s ex-girlfriend shows up and he gives her a bath. It’s so delightfully demented. What in the hell.

Anyway, can you tell I like to talk about this stuff? I’ve gone off on a whole tangent. My favorite posts to write are the ones that combine gender theory and the romance genre.

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What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Blog Posts?

Number one is without a doubt my comparison of the Columbine fandom and the romance genre. I do want to revise it at some point, because a couple criticisms of the article were fair. Some of the novels I referenced were quite old. I also received the criticism that I was only focusing on certain sub-genres of romance. I feel that I chose some of the most successful titles, and their success shows how wide of an appeal they have (and by extension how appealing specific tropes like ‘broken boy’ are). But I didn’t make that argument well in the post. I want to come up with some actual numbers, some data to prove which sub-genres are the most popular. I’ll also only be using titles less than 10 years old. I’m not sure when I’ll get to that though. It’s on the eventually list.

Number two would be my Pick Me post. But I decided it was too mean and I took it down. I felt that my arguments were really strong and I said a lot of stuff that needed to be said. But screw it, if angry feminists want to call me a pick-me, let them. (Not all feminists are angry, but anyone using a shaming tactic like ‘pick me’ to silence opposition certainly is).

Number three would be the post where I linked my stormer quiz. So many of my readers took the quiz to see what power they’d have in my Time Storms world. It was fun. I had people posting all over my message board. I’m a healer! I’m a wind stormer! I love my readers so much ❤

What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?

Lately, watching red pill and MGTOW youtube channels. There’s something wrong with me.

Also, yoga, scrolling through reddit, cuddling with my cat, reading.

Oh! and singing. But if I walk around singing for too long, my husband gets really annoyed. It’s how I like to blow off steam and my voice is pretty decent. I used to perform a lot as a kid. I was actually a bit of an amateur child star 😛 lol I did the vocal lessons and dance lessons and all that.

What are three of your favorite things?

Can all three be Die Antwoord songs? Ack, that’d be boring. Just know I REALLY love Die Antwoord. Words can not express it.

Number two is musicals and everybody knows the best musical ever is The Rocky Horror Picture show (get outta here with that Mamma Mia shit, and like, I’ll entertain the idea of Phantom of the Opera being better. That one is respectable. I’d still say Rocky Horror wins by a good bit).

I know people get really caught up on Time Warp, but ah! Rose Tint my World is just…everything!

The first time I saw this musical, I was nine and I watched it with my mom. People are kind of shocked by that sometimes. I really did have the most liberal childhood in the world. I mean, I was already helping my mom do inventory on porn and vibrators down at her store by 4th grade.

When we watched it, I was confused by the marriage scene between Rocky and Frank. My mom hadn’t yet come out at this point in my life. She was still with my stepdad. She did have a lot of lesbian women as friends, so I knew what lesbians were. I’d never met a gay man though, and somehow my 9-year-old brain couldn’t make the leap that if women can be gay, men can be gay too.

Well, Rocky Horror educated me, along with my mom saying, “Men are in love sometimes. That happens.”

And, geez, then Frank hooks up with Janet! Que the subsequent explanation of bisexuality.

The songs in this movie are soooo good! It’s such a clever Frankenstein retelling. This is everything a musical should be.

Alright, number three would be Starbucks.

Photo by Andrew Neel on

I fucking love Starbucks. Fight me. I have been called basic and I do not care. I am a basic bitch and I enjoy being that way. I’ll die in my uggs with an iced coffee in hand. I will never not wear a messy bun.

What are your proudest blogging moments?

My blog was included in a certain wiki recently and I was really humbled and honored by that. I’m always amazed when any other humans in this universe give a shit about the stuff I write.

I tend to write under the assumption that nobody is paying any attention and I’m constantly astounded when people are.

What are Your Hobbies Outside of Blogging?

Lurking in different internet communities. Lately it’s the red pill dudes. I just freaking love internet culture and I love when something that only exists on the internet is so….I don’t know….three-dimensional. I love when an online community has its own language, its own history (like when members of a community remember significant events like a website shutting down or a prominent member joining or leaving the community), its own philosophy, its own symbols! It’s such sociological weirdness. Wouldn’t you love to hear some smart old professor explain the symbolic-interactionist implications of fucking meme culture. The internet makes me so happy.

I also really like learning about the Middle Ages. This is a hobby I share with my husband. We go to the library a lot (or we did, before everything shut down) and we research different stuff for my fantasy novels. He’s a history nerd, so he really likes helping out with that.

And yoga.

Describe Your Personality in 3 Words

Obnoxious. Awkward. Pessimistic.

What are Your Top Three Pet Peeves?

The fact that it’s a social sin to criticize feminism. I would probably still be a feminist, if I could criticize modern feminism from inside of it.

Mamma Mia has no original songs and people shouldn’t love it so much.

When people go out in public smelling like pot. The smell of weed makes me gag.

What’s Something Your Followers Don’t Know About You?

When I was in 7th grade, my social studies teacher made everyone come up with a rap song about the discovery of America. No matter what I did, the rap was so corny. I could not stand the cringe.

It came my turn to perform my rap song in front of the class and I only got two words in before I burst into tears. Then I just sat down and cried, full on ugly crying with snot coming out of my face and everything, in front of the whole class.

God, I made it so much worse than it had to be. It was so embarrasing.

That was a cringe assignment though.

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