My Favorite Youtube Channels for The End of the World

I’m home every day. I’m so fahking bored. I’m just kidding about it being the end of the world, but it has felt like it some days.

Here are my favorite youtube channels, from least to absolute most favorite. Can you guess my favorite before you get to the end?

7) Entrepreneurs in Cars

I mentioned recently I’ve been absolutely hooked on redpill and MGTOW youtube channels. It started as research for Timefall, my current wattpad WIP. Timefall is similar to my book Time Storms, but it’s portal fantasy, rather than historical fantasy. And because women have a pluralistic mating strategy, I couldn’t resist another love triangle. I freaking love a good love triangle. One of the men in the triangle is a MGTOW, so I sort of fell into a redpill blackhole on youtube. I’ve also done that a couple of times with blackpill videos, but tbh, blackpill guys are usually better at expressing themselves on reddit, forums, and image boards.

Redpill youtube on the other hand, oh man is that entertaining.

I especially like Entrepreneurs in Cars because he took the redpill and still speaks about women with respect and dignity.

It’s like this manosphere men: I believe you all make some good points. I think y’all got some legitimate grievances. To be honest, a lot of women do. I get a lot of private messages about it. Thing is, when you guys freaking hate us for something you yourselves believe is biological and beyond our control, then there’s not much else to be said on our part. That’s why the only women you hear from are the feminists who hate you. The ones sympathetic to you don’t want to deal with backlash just for having a sense of justice and empathy.

But the guy on this channel doesn’t hate women. He doesn’t speak about women disrespectfully.

He just tells guys the truth.

I wish it wasn’t the truth. But can anyone argue that women love rich guys? Can anyone argue that women marry up not down? God love you if you’re about to try. I’m actually curious to see that. Drop it in the comments. Speaking in general, obviously, NAWALT.

6) Caleb Joseph

Caleb is, without a doubt, the most hilarious human on booktube. He carved out a niche for himself reviewing ‘bad boy’ books. Dammit do I hate bad boy books. I mean, yes, the dudes in bad boy books are never actually bad, but the idea of finding a man attractive just because he’s a rebel is pretty messed up.

Caleb takes a jab at bad boy books in the most hilarious way. He also covers other randomness, like the infamous ‘My Immortal’ fanfiction. He even put on black eyeliner to do it.

He has a video where he performs a wedding ceremony for two of his books, complete with a book bridal gown he made himself.

He threw himself a book funeral when he was excited about a book release.

This guy is keeping it fresh on booktube and I am all about it.

5) Blaire White

Okay, I know Blaire has been under some fire recently for how she’s handled the Jeffrey Star/Dahvie Vanity controversy. I’m also not super into her new friendship with Trisha Paytas. Overall though, while I don’t think she’s been making the best choices lately and the drama community is right to drag her, I remain a Blaire White stan. She walked through freaking Hollywood wearing a MAGA hat. We have to stan (goodbye half my followers, I’ll miss you….)

She’s just so brave and fearless. As a former liberal (I went through the edgy socialist phase like every other feminist with blue hair…no, literally. I had fucking blue hair) seeing Blaire White point out the hatred of the left is disappointing. I was always very pro-free speech when I was left-wing. Someone in Hollywood dumped a drink on her for wearing a MAGA hat. Tell her you think she’s a piece of shit. You have the right to do that. What nobody has the right to do is physically assault someone else for views they don’t agree with.

Blaire’s content is starting to get somewhat stale, and she basically only covers trans predators at this point. She’s become the Chris Hanson of the trans community. I hope she gets back to more of her original content at some point. She’s a conservative, but she isn’t afraid to criticize other conservatives. As you can see in the image above, she has one video on Kaitlyn Bennet, another well-known conservative woman (but one who freaking sucks and should be ashamed of herself).

What I like most about Blaire is that she gives conservative LBGT folks some representation.

I’m actually planning, during the next #askagent I see on Twitter, to ask all the #diversity literary agents if they would ever publish an #ownvoices book from a conservative LBGT author or conservative POC author. I have a feeling I know the answer.

Blaire is a trans woman who is outspokenly conservative and I absolutely adore her.

4) Daniel Greene

This is the best fantasy channel on booktube. He’s the guy who got me hyped to read the Wheel of Time series. He does so many amazing videos on the Wheel of Time, but he also covers many other book series. He’s had a few prominent authors on his channel for interviews. I especially liked his video with Brandon Sanderson.

Daniel is just a really great critic of fantasy. He knows a ton about the genre. He has great taste, and his personality is just really engaging. What keeps me coming back to a channel more than anything else is the personality of the youtuber. If I like the youtuber, I’ll end up watching all kinds of videos, I never would have otherwise. Which brings me to my next guy…

3) Critikal/Penguinz0

Charlie is THE BEST. His commentary is so freaking funny. And he’s a great example of why I believe it’s better to have a few different niches, instead of just one. I found Charlie’s channel through his commentary videos. But he doesn’t just do commentary. He does gameplay, Yugi-oh card unboxings, reality tv show reactions, and storytime videos. He likes magic, anime, Yugi-oh….yeah, I don’t really like any of those things. Out of that entire list, I only like commentary. Yet, if Charlie is gonna talk about something, hell yeah I’m watching.

The other day, I found myself binging a bunch of his gameplay videos, including one that was him playing a Yugi-oh card game online. My husband was like, “Ummmm, Jy? You don’t even like video games.” At which point, I had to explain the awesomeness that is Charlie/Moist Critikal, and now he’s hooked on Charlie’s channel too.

He just has such a funny way of explaining things. He’ll be watching a youtube vid like, “So this is the protagonist of this anime.” He unboxes Yugi-oh cards and is like, “You can’t unbox Yugi-oh cards around females. It makes them too wet.”

Honestly, I think a big part of Charlie’s appeal is that he is such a damned nerd and it doesn’t bother him. Like, wow, this man is a nerd. And I’m a woman with a legit…well, we can just call it a THING for nerds. Nerds are my type and I’m watching Charlie like, “This man might actually be too much of a nerd.” But he knows he’s a nerd. He pokes fun at himself. He knows trying to pick up women with magic tricks is lame, and he’ll still delve into a storytime where he does exactly that. He’s so confident in his absolute nerdiness. And he’s so funny. Legitimately, one of the funniest people in the commentary community.

2) Danny Gonzalez

‘What’s up, Greg?! I hope you all are having a great day!’

I love this guy so much. Both me and my husband are enormous fans of Danny. He’s so hilarous. His energy is kind of the opposite of Critikal’s. This dude is LOUD. I don’t think I could take Danny Gonzalez in real life. He has so much energy. He’s super fun to watch though.

‘This video is over now. Over now. Go find something else to watch’-I usually don’t like when youtubers make music videos. They come across so lame and forced. Not Danny’s though. His songs are so funny. There’s not much else for me to say here. Just this guy is definitely going to have you rolling. His sense of humor is pretty goofy, but I like goofy. He’s also just really wholesome for someone so successful on youtube. He gets compared to Drew Gooden a lot, and Drew is okay. Danny is a lot better though.

1) Ready to Glare

Yep. The absolute best channel on youtube, in my humble opinion, Ready to Glare. No contest. Ready to Glare is another channel that operates in a few different niches. She is primarily a commentary channel and a true crime channel. There aren’t a lot of big true crime channels on youtube, but by overlapping with the commentary community, Ready to Glare is killing it.

I found her through her Columbine fandom videos. Like myself, she gets pretty pissed about the freaks on Tumblr getting wet to dead school shooters.

You know, I hear the argument ‘people can’t help what turns them on’ and I just feel like….Bitch, if you’re fantasizing about Eric Harris then I think you should try.

People are so anti-shame. Situations like the ones brewing on Tumblr are exactly what shame is for.

Ready to Glare has a very similar perspective and that’s probably why I’m so drawn to her.

Also all of her intricate goth looks make every video so much more visually interesting. She almost always wears a colorful wig and over-the-top makeup.

Ready to Glare sometimes covers the stupidity of academia too. She has a Master’s in English Lit, as do I. Can confirm. There’s a lot of SJW garbage masquerading as academic papers.

Well, that’s it for me. What are your favorite youtube channels? Do we share any of the same favorites? Let me know! πŸ™‚

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