I’m Finally Wrapping This Book Up!

I have a tough time gauging how much my blog audience and wattpad audience overlap. A lot of the time, it seems like they’re completely different groups of people. Then every once in awhile, someone here will comment about one of my books they read or someone on wattpad will reference one of my blog posts.

So, I’m really not sure how much of my wattpad audience is here.

In any case, I feel like writing about this, so I will.

My book “Desire and Destruction” is so close to my heart. I just love it. This is my only proper romance novel. It has a fantasy setting, just like Time Storms (it’s actually a prequel to Time Storms) but the main plot thread is the romance. It took me forever to figure this out, but Time Storms’s main genre is fantasy, because the main plot thread is separating Jake from his weapons and taking down Blackrose Castle.

I haven’t updated this book since October! I wrote almost 90k words over last summer alone. But once I felt ready to start writing “Incel” my other books took a backseat for a good while.

Now, I’m back at it and I’m so excited to write the ending. My husband helped me research for this part a TON. So many Saturdays at the library. My characters are performing a heist on a medieval monastery. We really wanted to make sure all the details made sense, from where the monastery is located, to what it looks like, and what items of value a 12th century monastery would even have.

Once this book is wrapped up, I’ll have to decide if I want to continue Cole and Ingrid’s story or move on to something else. I definitely want to do another short king story. Writing such a short male hero was surprisingly well-received by both male and female readers. Although, once the spicy stuff started happening, I lost a lot of my female readers. This book takes a little dip into gentle femdom, SUCH a teensy little dip. For real, the most kinky thing that happens is she holds his wrists down. That’s really it. I write romance, not smut. There’s 300 pages of story before anything even PG-13 happens.

Ah! I just wanted to write some sexy-times that aren’t in my own wheelhouse, if you know what I’m saying. I was able to write it because it’s one of those things that I feel like could theoretically be in my wheelhouse. I think I share some personality traits with those gals. Namely liking shy dudes and being kind of obnoxious and pushy. It’s not in my wheelhouse though, so it required some research. I feel like everything I write becomes an excuse to research weird shit.

It was disappointing to see so many readers dip once that aspect of the story became apparent. But a small and really enthusiastic group did stick around. A lot more men than I would have expected. A lot of anime avatars. So, gentlemen, I did not know it was possible to write a romance novel for weeb men, but I’m absolutely delighted. I know there are still some women reading it, and I see and appreciate you gals too!

When I finally updated the book yesterday, after leaving it untouched for months, I got a bunch of nice messages, a bunch of votes on the chapter right away. I know this book is really different and it’s so encouraging to see there’s an audience for it.

It really doesn’t matter what you write. Somebody out there will love it ❤

For my next short king/shy guy love story, I think I want to make my hero more traditionally masculine. Cole was such a cute, fun character to write, but I think short dudes probably are emasculated quite a lot. I don’t regret writing Cole the way I did, but I want to put out a more masculine short dude to balance the representation a little bit.

If you’re up for something different, please check out my book! There is some insta-love. I don’t like books where the tension comes from inside of the relationship. It’s not a healthy portrayal of romance. Sometimes people just click and then love each other forever. I’ve been gaga about my husband since he marched up to me and handed me a stack of Sci-Fi novels ten years ago ❤ Romance novels don’t have to be filled with fighting and angst. The tension and conflict in this book comes (mostly) from outside of the relationship. They have to keep medieval people from finding out they’re time travelers and repay a debt by robbing a monastery. There’s still conflict, but I’m not doing that 50 Shades/After shit where the couple has an emotional breakdown every other chapter.

Anyhow, thanks for reading my rambles. If you write romance, please tell me about your WIP in the comments! ❤

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