Chapter Twenty-Four: Wet Holes

*Trigger Warning* Hold my drink while I destroy any chances of ever being traditionally-published.*

Wet tongue. Warm lips. Small hands on his chest.

Fuck. This was good. So good. So..fucking…

The frenzied movements of Becca’s lips intensified and her hands slid lower.

Shit, he had a boner. That was normal, right? That was supposed to-

“Whoa! What are you-”

“Shhh,” she pulled back with a giggle, her hand on his crotch. “It’s okay. You like this, right?”

“Y-Yeah, just..” He laughed awkwardly. “We’re right out on the road, here. Anybody could-”

Her lips were on his again and for the briefest of flashes, he didn’t give a single shit that they were parked out in the open, fully visible to anybody driving past. She roughly caressed his boner through his jeans. He winced at the scrape of denim. Bad and good all at once. So unpleasant, but fuck did he want it to keep going. Sort of…He shut his eyes against a feeling of utter wrongness. He wanted it and he didn’t it. She’s so pretty. Why is she doing this. Why is she ruining this.

She removed her hand. And then. The click of her seat-belt releasing. She smiled at him coyly and all he could do was star at her, as she scrabbled over the center console and onto his lap.

“Wait,” he grunted.

She was kissing him again. So nice. So….not the way it was supposed to go.

Sharp nails trailing over his neck. A nip of his lips between hers. She barely knew him and the thought made him sick, even as he felt the pearl of pre-cum wetting his crotch. She kissed him more roughly. Her breath was ragged. His breath was hot. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her ass. Out in the open. This is degenerate. He squeezed her ass. He’d never touched a girl’s ass before. His thoughts swum and swirled.

She pulled his hair.

“Ow, Becca. Wait.”

She nipped at his neck and he tried to remember what he wanted to say. He touched her ass again.

She pulled away just a touch, smiled at him, and then with a swish of fabric removed her shirt.

“Oh no…we can’t..” Adam’s eyes widened as a pick-up truck rumbled past. “Becca, hold on-”

She kissed him again. The swell of her soft belly pulsated against his. He couldn’t breath. He needed to stop this. Fuck, it was hard to stop this.

“You’re so cute,” she breathed.


Her hands fumbled with the button of his jeans. His zipper.

He wanted it and he didn’t want it. He didn’t want it and he wanted it.

“I think we should…” A nervous giggle that hardly sounded like him. He hated the way it sounded. “Slow down. Please, could you..”

Her hand was in his jeans. He groaned as she wrapped lithe fingers around his cock.

He could just let her. If she wanted to be such a slut, he could just let her.

A flash of anger then. Flaming bright.

He found his voice. “Becca, stop!” He shouted it.

She stared at him. Eyes wide. Shimmering. Still her hand was on him. “What’s wrong?”

He tried to explain. How could he explain?

“I…I wanted to take you on a date.”

“This is a date,” she said softly. She took her hand away then. Adam surged with a tide of relief. And disappointment. The fuck was wrong with him.

Her face hardened. She glowered at him and climbed back over the center console. She retrieved her crumpled black t-shirt from the floor and mashed it angrily over her head.

“Sorry…” Adam said meekly. “I just meant…well, that’s a lot for a first date.”

Becca stared at him, thin black eyebrows hard. “Are you gay or something?”

His throat tightened. He clenched his fists together at his sides. He didn’t want to look at her. He fumbled with his jeans, tucking his now flaccid dick back in and fighting with the zipper. It wouldn’t go up. Why wouldn’t it go up? Stupid, fucking-

“I’m not gay,” he snapped.

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“You don’t think I’m hot?”

“I think you’re pretty, and I wanted to get to know you.”

She laughed. The sound was mirthless and cruel. He could hardly believe this was the same shy girl who stared at the ground and hid her face behind her hair. “Take me home, Adam. This was stupid.”

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t trust himself to speak. All he wanted to do was scream at her. But he couldn’t do that. She was being a fucking bitch, but he wasn’t gonna scare a female like that. Part of him wanted to scare her. A greater part of him could never do that. She was stuck in the vehicle with him for another fifteen minutes. Even if she deserved it, he wasn’t going to raise his voice at her. She really did fucking deserve it though.

The ride was tense. Silent. She stared straight ahead. The few times that he looked at her, she was glaring out the front window. Her arms crossed in front of her. The fuck did she have to be mad about? She was the one who decided to act like a lunatic. She probably jumped on Josh’s dick just as quick. Fucking slut.

He waited until the car was on the dirt road she lived on before speaking.

“I really liked you, Becca. I wanted to show you a good time.”

She said nothing.

The front tire banged down into a pothole.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel bad,” he offered. “That was too…”

“Too what?” she snapped. “If you’re gay, it’s fine.”

Anger surged and he tamped it back with everything he had.

“I’m not gay. I wouldn’t ask a girl out if I was gay.”

He drove up the long driveway and parked at the end. He sighed and looked at her, unsure of where to go from here.

She glared at him and rolled her eyes again. “Don’t know what you thought was gonna happen,” she snapped. “Did you think you were gonna be my boyfriend or something?”

The disgust in her voice. Anger bled with something else. Something so much heavier.

“Why not?”

He hated how small his voice sounded. Like a fucking bitch. Like a pathetic simp.

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“Please. I thought we could have a little fun. Don’t be ridiculous though.”

He held the steering wheel. If he held it tight enough, maybe then he wouldn’t cry. Not because he was sad. He was fucking mad.

“Whatever. Thought I was doing you a favor.”

“A favor?

“Everybody at works says you’re some kind of sad, lonely virgin.”

He hit the steering wheel and she flinched. He almost felt bad. Almost.

“Get the fuck out of my car, you fucking slut!”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“Hope you know Josh is telling everybody at work what a slut you are.”

Her lower lip trembled. Again that pang of regret. He shouldn’t hurt her. Fuck, he wanted to hurt her.

His mouth continued on, like it had a will of it’s own. “He says you’re an ugly cunt. Smashed you for the ass only. Your face looks like a-”

But she didn’t hear the rest. The car shook with the force of how hard she slammed the door. He watched her run to the front door.

And he wanted to call after her. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I want someone so bad. I’m so fucking lonely. Don’t let me hurt you. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

She was gone. He knew he could go to the door. He could knock. He could tell her he didn’t mean it. Part of him did mean it. Part of him wished he’d just kept his mouth shut and let her suck his cock.

He drove him. He put on The Glorious Sons and sang about sawed-of shotguns. His heart pounded so hard it made him dizzy. What was wrong with him? There was so much wrong with him.

But I want to do this right. I want to be a good man. I want to be a good man. Why can’t I be a good man.

It was raining again. He pulled below the blue tarp next to his house. He sat there. He turned the stereo off. Maybe….people like us.

With a force that overwhelmed him, rage took control of him. Rage directed his body. Guided his fists that smashed into the steering wheel. He shook. He cursed. He punched himself in the leg and didn’t know why.

He went inside and wrote a post on braincels.

Why are foids such fucking sluts?!

Posted by throwawaytehdude

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He felt like a clown using the word “foid.” He was too angry to care. And he needed…he needed…something. Someone. Anyone. Fucking help.

I know I’m probably not an incel. Okay? I don’t know who else will get this though. Finally had a date with a female. My first date with a chick since high school. Fucking HIGH SCHOOL!!! I’m 23. I liked her. We like the same music. She has these pretty eyes that are brown with some green flecks in them shit I know I sound like a cuck. I know I’m a simp. I know I suck. I wanted to take her on a date. This bitch was such a slut she couldn’t wait ten minutes to take her shirt off and climb all over me. IN PUBLIC! It’s not like I didn’t want to fuck her. I didn’t want to fuck her by the side of the road before I even had a date with her. She was all over me like a crazy animal. I just wanted her to slow the fuck down. She called me gay and laughed at me. She said she only did because she felt bad for me. I wanted to smash her fucking face in when she said that. She laughed and said it was stupid of me to think I could ever be her boyfriend. So fucking mad. I don’t know what I did wrong. I don’t know what I was supposed to do different.

He was glued to the computer for the rest of the day. He called out of work. He read the responses.

Volestofvolcels 56 points | all over me like a crazy animal

Chad out!

MaximumHyde 43 points You’re not an incel. You’re a failed normie. Welcome, fren, I hate women.

Doomerdune 37 points Foids are sociopaths. Either that or they literally don’t have brains. Sometimes I think maybe they’re like jellyfish. They have automatic nervous responses that make it look like they can think, but they can’t. Except instead of eating plankton, they eat Chad’s cock. Oh, and jellyfish don’t hearts either.

˪Onehellofaweeb 11 points lol foidfish

bannedaccountelectricboogalo 24 points Sounds like Boderline Personality Disorder. So many women have that shit. You’re not necessarily a failed normie. Most incels agree there are always some turbo-sluts with BPD who will fuck you. Doesn’t make you not an incel. Those bitches will burn your house down.

˪throwawaytehdude 12 points She said she thought was doing me a favor.

bannedaccountelectricboogalo 9 points Foids think they’re so great. All they do is exist with a pussy. Not a lot to be proud of. They want a medal for having a stinky pile of roast beef between their legs.

Fokkalmaxx 22 points You mean you didn’t stick your dick in crazy? Psshh…volcel if you wouldn’t.

Techcell24 14 points Women  are sluts. Mainly for attention. She wanted your beta attention until she can get Chad’s. Personally, I would have pumped and dumped.

Shortdarkandhandsome 10 points You couldn’t have brought her someplace private and stuck it in? Gotta say man, you were so close to being all Later virgins!

throwawaytehdude  3 points More like I’ll be here awhile, fellow virgins

Shortdarkandhandsome 7 points TFW no bipolar bitch riding your dick

autofacetune 15 points tfw no woman will even talk to me unless they have to. 

throwawaytehdude  3 points I’m sorry, dude.

autofacetune 12 points Idc anymore. I have a good job. I have friends here. Lots of time for vidya lawl I don’t even want a gf anymore. Just wish they could look at me without making me feel like some kind of creepy monster. I work with so many of them. Can’t even hide their disgust to have a work-related convo with me. 


Photo by suludan diliyaer on

It’s easier when you realize they aren’t as wonderful as you’ve been told. Women aren’t wonderful. They’re cunts. Escortcel. Fuck foids. Wish a woman would touch me sometimes. Not even in a sex way. I don’t remember the last time someone touched me. Lucky fuck. Try to take her out again. Maybe it isn’t over. How tall are you? I don’t even think women can help it. I’m not even mad anymore. I’m just lonely. I don’t even blame them for not wanting an ugly, genetic defect like me. The sexual marketplace is imploding. We’ve been seeing the rise in incels for so long. Watch the wave of failed normies start. You were too nice to her. They say they want romance. Nah, they want to be punched in the face and spit on. I’m with you. I couldn’t just have sex with a girl right away. I probably got too much soy, but I want a real love story. I want to take her on dates and make her feel special. Stop thinking of them as people. Once you realize they’re wet holes, you can get a flesh light and move the fuck on. Women love to call men gay. Emotional terrorists. 

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Adam had a headache when he finally went to bed. He hadn’t eaten all day. His eyes were sore from staring at the screen. He laid down and put Chobits on his laptop. 

He’d never thought this was what his life would be….He’d never thought this was who he would be….

“Take care of yourself.” That character was so cute. 

He’d never have someone to tell him to take care of himself. Never. Over, over…that face when….

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