Romance Tropes Explained with Manosphere Philosophy

If you don’t know what the manosphere is, just be glad you’re not a total degenerate like me. I’m not signifying agreement with any aspects of manosphere philosophy that I’m including. I’m only entertaining myself, and hopefully giving people something to think about. (Maybe shaming some of the problematic crap out of the genre?….No…I can hope).

Without further ado, I’m going to explain tropes of the romance genre with redpill and blackpill philosophy. Hey, if we can have feminist literary criticism, why not manosphere literary criticism? Let’s do it.

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Love Triangles

Women have a pluralistic mating strategy

(Okay….fine. I’m guilty of this one. I enjoy a good love triangle. Checkmate).

Alpha Males

Alpha fucks

Second Chance Romance with a Responsible Family Man

Beta bucks

Dubious Consent or full-blown Rape

A large number of women have rape fantasies, because rape was part of human evolution. Women want a man who can sexually dominate them.

(That one fucking hurt me to write. Really though, if that’s NOT what is up with all the rape in the romance genre, then what IS the explanation?? Can I shame the other romance writers into being freaking regular?)


See above

Gangster Romance

Women are biologically wired to be attracted to violent men. They are seeking out aggressive males who can protect them and their offspring. They also crave male dominance and low-inhibition men.

Ugh….I can’t help myself…..May God have mercy on my soul….Just thugmax, bro.

CEO/Billionaire Romance

Hypergamy. Women love opportunistically. Romance, for women, is a vehicle to secure resources.

Psychopath Smut

(No, really….there’s a lot of it)

Just darktriad max.

The Male Lead is a Player/Rake

Build dread in your plates, bro.

Women desire men that other women want.

The waitress or some other random woman flirts with the man right in front of the protagonist

See above. Women get off to the dread of losing their guy to another woman

Enemies to Lovers

Women love assholes. They need drama and conflict in their relationship in order to not get bored. Women get bored easily.

Beauty and the Beast Retellings

The ultimate female fantasy is to civilize an uncivilized man. Men who are already civilized are boring (paraphrased idea from Jordan Peterson).

Cinderella Retellings


The Protagonist is a Virgin

Women intuitively understand that their sexual marketplace value decreases with their body count. Deep down, they know that men desire virgins.

Hint of Violence

Women are hybristophiliacs. They shit-test to provoke violence in men.

Broken Boy/Wounded Puppy

This goes back to women wanting to civilize an uncivilized man. They want to “fix him.” This is why male emotional trauma is so incredibly fetishized by women.

Damsel in Distress

They’re the smaller, weaker sex and want a man who can protect them (but also maybe punch them in the face….it’s complicated).

There’s always a dog in cozy romance

Take the d-


My husband talked me out of this one. His exact words were, “God, Jy, don’t make normal people google that.”

Bully Romance

Women love assholes

Abuse Romance

(Nobody in the world knows how deeply I wish I was trolling….This subgenre mostly remains relegated to the indie author sphere and serialization sites. Rarely do you see it in traditional publishing.)

See above.

Also, women crave male dominance. Feminism is one big shit-test.

Sexual Slavery

Another trope mainly in the indie sphere. Take a scroll through the amazon smut or wattpad smut section. You are going to see a lot of plots surrounding women forced into sexual slavery.

See Above

Coworker Romance

….I’ve got nothing. This one is normal. Coworker romance away.

Military Romance

Alpha fucks.

Police Romance

See Above

Highlander Romance

I’m not objective enough for this one. I think it’s just a fun setting…..I really love that subgenre though.

Time Travel Romance

I’m obviously not the right person to analyze this subgenre. Whatever is going on there, I’m super guilty of it. Half my oeuvre is time travel romance.

Regency Romance

Hypergamy. The dude is always some fancy-pants lord or earl or something, and the chick is always broke. The Regency subgenre is one massive Cinderella retelling.

Western Romance

This one is usually fine. It’s just a fun setting.

Falling-for-my-brother’s-friend Romance

Erm….I have no fahking clue.

Does anybody know why this is a thing?

You don’t have to use the manosphere to explain it. Why is this a genre? I’m actually very curious.

Falling-for-my-dad’s-friend Romance

The degeneracy is going to kill me….Daddy issues. Obviously.


I’m sorry….I might have to take a vomit break soon. More Daddy issues. So…so many….

Bad Boy x Shy Girl

Women love assholes

Shy Guy Romance

This one is fine and I love it and wants to see so much more of it! ❤

Jyvur’s based husband has an edit, because he disagrees: He doesn’t believe shy guy romance writes shy guys realistically. He says that he bets they’re all handsome and tall and conventionally attractive, and the “shy” thing is a temporary attribute they overcome. The woman helps him overcome it and in the end, he’s just a standard male protagonist. Or like Hugh Grant in a rom-com, he’s sort of awkward, but rich and hot. Jyvur’s husband hasn’t read any shy guy romance, but he is convinced that is how shy guys are written.

Christian Romance

This one is normal

Amish Romance

No hate to this one either

Muslim Romance

Another one that’s fine and regular

Reverse Harem

Women have a pluralistic mating strategy

Regular Harem/Sheik Romance

Women get off to dread. They want to compete with other women.

The Hero is Always Tall and Ripped


But the Female Protagonist Looks Regular

Chad with Becky

Forced Proximity

Can be okay depending on how it is done. If the man is the one doing the forcing of the proximity (like in Beauty and the Beast retellings) then see ‘kidnapping’. But if the forced proximity is just coworkers who share an office, that’s all good.

Werewolf Romance

Take the do-

Oh, that’s right. That one’s too degenerate for this blog. Moving on.

Vampire Romance

Stay tuned for a future blog post on how the paranormal romance genre proves hypergamy like nothing else. The ultimate hypergamy is a male lead with super-human powers with an average, human woman.

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Oh man…*whew!* We made it! That was painful, wasn’t it?

Again, to clarify, I have not signified agreement with these ideas. I just applied them to common tropes in female-centric genres.

Take it as you will.

Obviously some of those tropes are pretty harmless.

But can we get rid of all the rape and kidnapping and asshole, alpha male leads?

I just REALLY feel like the romance genre makes us women look crazy. Like, we look real stupid. In front of God and the manosphere and everyone, we look stupid.

Shame isn’t a bad thing. Maybe we could have a little more of it?

I guess I feel so strongly about changing up the genre, because I really don’t believe women are turned on by rape and violence due to biology. I believe sexuality is far more influenced by culture than biology.

Women are taught from such a young age to fetishize male violence. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was my first exposure to it. That scene where the Beast destroys the room around her and terrifies her is far too sexually-charged a scene for a children’s movie. Don’t believe me? Look at how many similar scenes we find in romance and erotica. After has a scene of Hardin destroying his house. 50 Shades is absolutely layered with the ever-present threat of violence.

My question is WHY? Why is female fantasy filled with the fetishization of male violence?

Is it actually because of the evolutionary hard-wiring of the female brain?

I really, really hope not. I’d so much rather it be a case of culture, because that means we can change it.

Look at all the assholes on Tumblr getting wet to dead school shooters. Look at all the Columbine smut on wattpad.

What if the systemic fetishization of male violence is what created them? What if your dark erotica that you sell on amazon for 99 cents IS doing real harm? What if you’re contributing to the very phenomena that had Sol Pais, one of the many Columbine fangirls, planning an attack on the infamous high school? What if your fetish causes real dead children?

I’m such a believer that everything is connected, that nothing is harmless. Every idea ripples through the collective conscious.

Worse yet. What if men lash out in anger and violence when lonely, not due to testosterone, but because intuitively they understand that erratic behavior and violence makes them more appealing?

What if then?

Are the violent alpha males in your books still harmless?


  1. I don’t read romance, but I understand its appeal to women, even the type you listed. Though most won’t admit it, women want strong men, just as most men want a nurturing woman. I believe it’s hardwired into us. Romance novels tend to greatly amplify masculine traits women are drawn to. In real life, most don’t want an abuser, but they do want someone they can depend on when the going gets rough, a man who financially takes care of the family, and can physically take care of her if need be. And a lot of women are disappointed (and some are not even aware of it) when the man they marry caves in to hers and society’s demand that he be more like a woman, and loses respect for him.
    Men are so confused with the mixed signals nowadays, and who can blame them?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But in real life many women do choose men with dark triad traits. There have been studies that prove this.
      I really don’t believe these books are just fantasy. I believe they have real impact in the world.

      Liked by 1 person

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