More Youtube Channels for the End of the World!

Part Two. Because we all need more post-modern internet trash to watch. Here are five more youtube channels that I love.

5) The Asher Show

There’s a definite trend with my preferred youtube garbage. I love commentary channels. I love youtube drama. I just love drama tbh

And the bookish community has no drama. We’re so soft. Tumblr would kick our asses. We are the whiny marshmallow babies of the internet. Book community is all like, “Wahhh….they had a different opinion than me! They mean!” or “There weren’t any BIPOC differently-abled characters in this book! Cancel her!”

Just saying….can we have some real drama?

But probably no. Readers and writers are sensitive, and while they love censorship and cancel culture, they don’t stir the pot in a way that’s entertaining.

So, I go to youtube for all that good tea.

The Asher Show is one of my favorite commentary channels, because he just has fun with his commentary. He’s never really mean when he talks about a situation (unlike a lot of others-that’s the reason I can’t take The Quartering). And he isn’t afraid to bust out laughing. His reactions are just so genuine. He has a unique voice that I haven’t seen before in the commentary community.

4) Syren Cove

This is another commentary channel. I found her through her infamous “Why I’m Not a Feminist Anymore” video.

She is just such an interesting person. She’s an anti-feminist, but a common sense one. Fellow anti-feminists, stop losing your ever-loving freaking minds and becoming low-key misogynists! Be like my girl Siren Cove. She no longer identifies as feminist, but she still talks about issues like sex trafficking and online harassment of women.

She used to be a cam girl and sex worker, and hearing about that part of her life is always very interesting. She’s such a bad ass when people troll her too.

She got this one comment, “How much do you cost, whore?”

And she deadass (with no pants on, btw) stared at the camera and said, “Ask your dad.”

She’s such a boss. And she will teach you how to look like the cutest little Crispy Creme donut.

3) Edwin’s Generation

Another commentary channel. Yes, I do fill my brain with trash on a constant basis. Thank you so much for noticing.

I discovered his channel through his coverage of the Zheani/Die Antwoord situation.

Anyone who spends any time around me knows I LOOOVVVEEE Die Antwoord. Their songs are just so good. You can’t NOT dance to them.

But…you know….the Zheani thing. Where does that leave us Die Antwoord fans, now that Ninja’s been hit with a #MeToo accusation?

I’ll tell you where it leaves me…

2) Zheani

Yeah, now I love Die Antwoord and Zheani. Do I believe Zheani’s accusations against Ninja?…..Well, yeah. She has receipts.

And DA makes bomb-ass music, but is anybody actually surprised that Ninja and Yolandi have turned out to be terrible people? They never seemed like great people, did they? Yolandi admitted to stabbing Ninja once. Ninja slapped Yolandi on camera. They both say the n-word constantly, even though they live in South Africa….I don’t know, if I was a couple of white people living in post-apartheid SA, I’m thinking I probably wouldn’t use racial slurs.

So, I don’t really like them as people anymore. I do still love their music. Separate the art from the artist.

And the best thing that came out of this whole controversy is that now we have the absolute badass of a rapper, Zheani!

Her rapped accusation against Ninja sounds soooo good!

If you haven’t seen it, please check it out.

What a fucking boss. The most infuriating part of the whole situation was that both Ninja and Yolandi tried to discredit Zheani because she’s a sex worker. What a dick move.

Zheani has mad balls. She gave zero fucks. She was like, “Yeah, I did sex work. I made bank and used it to produce my rap album.”

I like her a lot and really hope she keeps on making music.

1) Primink

Primink is another really funny commentary channel. It really is the personality of the youtuber that makes or breaks a channel. He’s so funny, and he isn’t ever mean, he just has fun with it. I can never get into the channels that are just mean (it’s why I stopped watching Creepshow Art-she does good research, but it’s not very fun to watch her videos).

Primink also covers stuff that other channels don’t. I definitely haven’t seen anyone else do an in-depth analysis of Emilia Fart. That’s something else you really need in a commentary channel. They have to step outside the box and cover topics other people don’t. The channels that cover whatever is trending aren’t fun to watch long-term. Who wants to see the same thing covered 100X?

That’s it for me? What youtube channels are you binging this quarantine?

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