Discord Server for Bored Writers

I’m forever looking for ways to kill time in-between writing. I do a lot of writing, but for all those words I crank out, there is a lot of time-wasting that’s involved. When I get stuck on a scene, I usually take a few minutes break, either here on wordpress or on reddit. Sometimes I use those few minutes to lurk in Incel communities. You know, normal stuff.

And I decided what I’d really love is a tight-knit community of other bored writers who are also looking for a fun place to relax (and maybe shitpost) in between all of that writing.

Also…every other discord I found for writers was full of children. I’m glad kids like to write, but I’d rather hang out with other adults (18 and over-because every other writing discord I found was full of middle schoolers and high schoolers).

So nobody has joined yet, it is very new, and it probably sucks, but I’ll work on it to make it better if anybody gives me some direction.

Follow this link if you want to join! https://discord.gg/A3azhC4

I have a channel for discussing your work in progress, whether that’s bragging about it, brainstorming ideas, or what have you.

I created a channel based off of reddit’s r/explainabookplotbadly. It’s super fun to play and I think in a tight-knit community it could be even more fun (with thousands of members that subreddit has just devolved into Animal Farm and Dune getting explained badly. If you’re not sure what the book is, guess Animal Farm or Dune and there’s a 75% chance you’re right).

But I can create more channels based off people’s interests.

I know that I really want to make more writer friends. If you do too, I’d love it if you decided to check the discord out!


    1. Oh of course that counts 😛 I’d love it if you joined. It’s empty right now, but I hope that changes.
      Literally every other discord I joined was full of middle schoolers and high schoolers. My server is 18+ because I just don’t want to talk to kids.


    1. Woot! 4 whole people in the discord now 🙂 It’s okay if you’re not a writer. Feel free to post whatever in the off-topic channel or the whatcha reading channel. I can also create new channels based on people’s interests 🙂

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