What is Discord? (And Why You Should Join Mine!)

Discord is basically a chat website. It’s like social media, but more chat-based and tighter-knit. When you join a ‘discord server’ it’s almost like joining a chat room (trying to translate for my fellow olds). Each server has multiple threads for different conversation topics.

Can I tell y’all what made me want to start a discord? Last summer I fell DEEP into an obsession over incels. As I always do when I decide to write a book about something, I lurk like a freaking creep. I have lurked in basically every incel community. Some I’ve dropped a few comments here and there. Some I haven’t. (Some get really mad at women who are curious about them). And one thing I noticed about some of the communities is that they are so tight-knit! I lurked so hard in a couple of these small communities like, “I wish I could be part of a community like this. They all know each other!”

Writer communities just aren’t really like that. r/writing is massive. Bookstagram is massive. Booktube and authortube are massive. Sure, you’ll get to know individual people and make some friends, but it isn’t really the same as having a tight-knit online community.

Then when a community actually is on the smaller side, it’s dead! Look at r/wattpad. Nothing happens over there. Well, people bitch about Paid Stories. I hardly ever even get a reply to my comments. There’s no engagement.

So that’s why I started out wanting to join a discord server. In fact, r/wattpad has a bunch of discord servers listed. I joined 4 and….they were all full of middle and high school kids….I’m 32. Not exactly my crowd.

I’m told people in my age demographic usually don’t use discord, unless they’re gamers.

I decided to give it a try anyway. I made a discord server this afternoon and Y’ALL it is already popping!

There are only 7 of us so far, but it’s been so fun. Join, jump on and chat when you’re bored, that’s all. Memes, writing talk, book talk, a fun tight-knit community where you can shoot the shit whenever you want.

Discord is weird if you aren’t used to it. But it’s really just like a big chat room. There is the option for video and voice chat, but I don’t plan to use those features and you definitely don’t have to either.

If you’ve been looking for more writer friends, like I have, consider the bored writers discord server! https://discord.gg/pHxyjJc

I hope I see you there! (Psst! We already have cat pictures!)

Edit: If you aren’t a writer and you want to join, come on in. Everybody who wants to chat and meme can join. I don’t believe in moderated online spaces, so my only real rules are be over 18, no racism, sexism, or bigotry in general, and no promoting or praising illegal activity. That’s it. Otherwise, anything goes and you’re completely welcome to join ❤

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