WWW Weds: All the Indie Authors!!

You know the drill, this is a weekly meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

What Are You Currently Reading?

I was blessed to get an arc of this book. It’s release date is July 28, 2020. This is the first arc I’ll be reviewing and I couldn’t be more excited!

This will also be the first time I’m doing a spoiler free review. I usually don’t do those, but I understand why that’s the norm with arcs.

Check the author’s goodread page here!

What Did You Recently Finish Reading?

Yes, my friends, this is exactly what it looks like. Someone found a way to turn incels.me into a Yaoi fanfiction.

Fuck I love the internet.

This book is hilarious and I actually have an upcoming interview in the works. Y’all will get a peak into the mind of LGBT writer, watpadder, tumblr, and deviant art creator, Miss Meikakuna. This book is definitely heavy on the memes, but it also manages to unpack some real issues. I’m all about it.

God bless the weirdness of the interweb ❤

What Do You Think You’ll Read Next?

This is an indie book by Chapel Orahammhttps://kavordianlibrary.com/category/blog/

Chapel not only wrote the book, but drew that gorgeous cover!

That’s it for me. What are you reading this Weds? Any indie authors in the mix?

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