Meet the Mad Lass Who Turned the Chad/Virgin Meme into an LGBT Fanfiction

This is exactly what it looks like and I’m all about it. I stumbled across this beautiful randomness on wattpad and knew I had to interview the person who came up with this. Miss Meikakuna was kind enough to agree to an interview and she explained how she came up with such a creative idea for a story.

It has come to my attention that some of my blog readers don’t know what incels are. So here is the rundown.

Incel: portmanteau of ‘involuntary celibate’

Basically, a lonely dude who can’t get laid.

Incels are often associated with the blackpill, but I want to point out they don’t necessarily have to be blackpilled. (Actually, the ones who aren’t blackpilled don’t seem to like it when people assume incel=blackpilled).

The blackpill is tough to summarize here. I’ll just say that I agree with some aspects of the blackpill, and with others, I obviously don’t. (But height>face is tough to argue with. I don’t even get why so many people try to deny that women love tall dudes-it’s like…duh…)

Anyway, then we have Chad.

Chad: The tall, buff, jock. The stereotypical guy who always gets the girl. Even if he’s a jerk. I also sort of agree with this aspect of the blackpill. The romance genre blackpilled me in this aspect. (Dare y’all to google the atomic blackpill. Women are just as degenerate as men. The ‘women are wonderful’ myth has got to go).

So there’s this meme that compares the virgin incel to the slayer Chad.

The meme has become pretty mainstream at this point. Normies like us borrow it for all kinds of uses. But it started on incel forums and still gets a lot of use there.

Miss Meikakuna decided that she would do something unexpected with the Chad-Virgin meme

She was gonna ship it.

Without further ado, here is my interview with wattpad writer, writer, AO3 writer, Tumblr and deviantart creator, Miss Meikakuna.

Hello there, Miss Meikakuna, 

Your book is so quirky! I’m so excited to interview you. 

To start with, can you introduce yourself to my readers? Tell us a little about yourself and your writing?

Thank you.

I go by different names depending on the platform. I’m MissMeikakuna on Wattpad, Tumblr and DeviantArt, Meikakuna on Fictionpress/ and Amino, and Yurijoshi on Tapas.

I like to write stories as a hobby, mostly focusing on LGBT characters and relationships. I’m interested in taking tropes and clichés and taking them in a new direction.

Wow, it sounds like you’re very prolific! I’ll be sure to check you out on some of your other platforms 🙂

So, what gave you the idea for ‘Chad and the Incel’?

It seems like you know a lot about incel memes and the blackpill. Did you have to research that for the book, or did you already know a lot about incels?

Thank you for your kind words!

I like to watch Reddit videos and one of the subreddits that was sometimes touched upon was r/inceltears. I got very interested in learning about the subculture when one YouTuber took a critical but sympathetic approach in his commentary rather than just making fun of incels. I started visiting the subreddit myself. Around the same time, the Virgin Vs Chad meme was really popular. 

One day I just got this idea to pair up a Chad and an incel together. I was already big into writing same-gender romance so I thought the idea would be fun to write. 

Plus, I love shipping unexpected pairings. One time when I was at a friend’s house, I started turning their Newton balls into characters and shipping them. I guess I can turn anything into a romance, so a Chad-incel romance made sense to me.

In addition to going through the subreddit and watching that YouTuber’s videos, I went onto back when it was still up to get an idea of how the forum posts were titled. I did this to help with my chapter titles, which are styled after a forum post.

I also got a lot of inspiration from the political YouTuber Contrapoints, who made a video on incels that showed a strong understanding of why incels think the way they do. She compared the way incels post selfies onto forums, expecting to get negative feedback, to digital self harm. That’s when a person sends themselves hate mail to validate their feelings of worthlessness. I decided to take a mental-health approach to my characterisation of my incel character, showing that underneath all the misogyny and bitterness is a sad young man who is in desperate need of therapy.

I think that’s awesome that you approached incels with sympathy and understanding. It sounds like you and I have a slightly different take on incels (I think society is more to blame than mental health issues), but that’s all good. It’s just so nice to find another woman who sees there is a little more to them, and the misogyny is masking real pain. I married an incel, so I’m a tad personally invested lol (But he wasn’t ever edgy or blackpilled-just lonely). 

I like Contrapoints, but haven’t seen her incels video. I’ll have to check it out. 

Have you lurked on any of the non-blackpill forums? Or did you keep your research mainly relegated to blackpilled incel spaces? I think my favorite not-exactly-blackpilled incel space is r/incelswithouthate.

I’ve also got to ask, did reading incel stuff ever get to you? For me, researching for my book ‘Incel’ I legit gave myself a week-long stomach-ache at one point.

It was mostly the blackpilled forums I kept with since my incel character Noah is blackpilled (or at thinks he is, though he still has some hope left in his heart).

I focused on the mental health side of things because I myself have anxiety and depression, though not to the same level as Noah because I am going through therapy and have gotten a lot better. I relate to him in that way and I decided to write what I know.

Reading incel posts has gotten to me a bit. The lingo has stuck in my head. When I get attracted to a guy, my mind automatically starts judging me if he looks too much like the type of guy incels would call a Chad. 

This actually got worse after writing Chad and the Incel, as I wrote a comment on an inceltears post and got a private message from an incel trying to rebut my argument. We had a cordial conversation about the topic, but I felt like I had to be a perfect representation of a woman to prove the incel wrong. Of course, perfection is impossible, so it wasn’t exactly a healthy mindset for me. However, I am working through this issue with my therapist, so I should be alright eventually.

Despite this strain on my mental health, I don’t regret writing Chad and the Incel. I love my characters and I am proud of the story I brought to the world. Writing it helped me process my own problems and face them head on.

There are lots of blackpilled incels, so it makes sense to take that route. 

That’s so interesting that you had the chance to talk to an incel on reddit. I talked to a few during my research as well. It really surprised me how respectful and decent almost all of them were. It sounds like you had a similar experience. It’s too weird how they get built up as these violent, angry, unhinged people, then you get them in the DMs and they’re just normal dudes. One I talked to for a good while even seemed embarrassed of the stuff he’d say publicly on reddit and weirdly (sort of?) apologized to me for it at one point. 

It is very uncomfortable being a woman in an incel space, because like you said, they don’t always view you as an individual, but as a representation of all women, and it’s like you’ve got to be on your best behavior and apologize for all of womankind or something. 

That’s really interesting that you’re inspired by your own mental health struggles in your writing. That’s great that therapy has been so helpful for you. 

So, it sounds like the themes that you enjoy covering are mental health issues and LGBT representation. It’s very neat that you took these important issues and mixed them up with a bunch of memes. The characters themselves are basically memes, but you gave them this layer of depth that makes the story more than just a satire or a shitpost. You pulled off this combination of real insight and humor in a way that I haven’t seen done before. 

Was the dose of humor in the story intentional? And how do you feel humor affects or enhances your story?

Thank you.

I’m not very confident in my humour so I tend to take a dramatic route in my stories. However, they often have bite-sized elements of comedy. In Chad and the Incel, I included comedy to kind of shine a light on how inaccurate the characters’ views on the world are. As sympathetic as I am to incels, I do find some of their beliefs ludicrous, so it wasn’t difficult to portray them satirically. All I really had to do with them was get Noah to say them and have Chad react as any regular person would.

I very much enjoy covering LGBT issues. As a bisexual woman myself, I know the effects of bisexual erasure, so I was happy to write Chad and Noah’s struggles with their sexuality. I also wanted them to exist as people first and their sexuality second, with their own personalities and interests, but with an acknowledgement of how their experiences with sexuality have shaped them.

I took that same approach with the meme elements of the story. Noah and Chad are inspired by the Virgin Vs Chad meme but they are still original characters and not a complete copy of their meme counterparts. I am a bit of a fan of what anime fans call ‘gap moe’, so I love taking archetypes and stereotypes and subverting them. For example, there is a gap between my character Stacy’s blonde bimbo appearance and shy, intelligent personality.

Speaking of anime, I also put a bit of anime referential humour in my story too, which makes me thankful that Noah is a fan. He gave me an excuse to parody different genres, from anime based on light novels with way too long titles to slice of life anime with lesbian subtext. I had fun coming up with the titles and scenarios and I’m tempted to write spinoff stories based on the anime in Chad and the Incel. I’ll probably wait until after finishing the sequel, though. I’m currently working on ‘Chad and the Incel Go to College’.

Haha XD I noticed that! Like when Noah says he’s blackpilled and Chad is basically like, ‘Bruh, what?’

I feel the same to be honest. I’m very sympathetic to them, but…yeah…ludicrous is a great word to describe some of the theories they come up with. 

I love the virgin versus Chad meme. Incel memes are honestly just the best memes. Those dudes are hilarious. I saw one the other day where one of the captions on the Chad was “Has the ability to make eye contact with everybody in the room at all times”-I married an autistic ex-incel, so I know eye contact is something a lot of the autistic incels struggle with. The way they take their real struggles and create such great humor is amazing. 

I did notice the subversion of the Stacy meme in your story. Her meme usually portrays her as vapid and promiscuous bimbo. You gave her real depth. I love that you shipped her with Becky. The Becky character had to be my absolute favorite, and the energy between Becky and Stacy was just too cute for words ❤

I also noticed your anime references! As only a casual anime fan myself, I didn’t catch all of the references. 

Do you ever find yourself playing with tropes or themes prevalent in anime? Does anime inspire your writing? 

And gah! A sequel?! I’ll read the heck out of that. Do you want to tell us a little about the premise of the sequel? What challenges will Noah and Chad face in college?

I’m glad you like Becky and Stacy’s relationship. Thank you. I am quite fond of Stacy myself, as I believe we shouldn’t judge women as unintelligent just because they fit societal standards for femininity.

I am very much inspired by anime in my writing. I used to write fanfiction before I posted original works, mostly for the anime-adjacent fandom Vocaloid. I’ve been an anime fan for… I believe ten years now so I’m familiar with a lot of the tropes in the medium. That gives me lots of ideas for subverting tropes. 

I actually wrote a sort of parody of shoujo anime after Chad and the Incel. It’s called ‘Shoujo Heroine… and Friends’ and in it I paired together the two best friends of your typical shoujo anime protagonist.

The sequel to Chad and The Incel has Noah and Chad going to colleges close to each other and moving into an apartment together. They claim it’s just because it’s cheaper and that they’re totally taking things slow. A lot of it will be about Noah’s rocky mental health journey and Chad striving (and struggling) to be the best, most supportive boyfriend ever. 

Becky and Stacy are in it too, sharing the same college course and trying not to get competitive. The characters all try to make new friends at college and better themselves. This winds up being surprisingly difficult for all of them

I absolutely agree! I think a lot of the time 3rd and 4th wave feminism becomes unintentionally misogynistic, with how conventional femininity is subtly (but consistently) denigrated. Although, I’ll give 4th wave feminists credit that I think a lot of them are starting to realize this and push against it. 

I love that you use anime as an inspiration. Your story has got to be one of the weirdest I’ve stumbled across, but I mean that in the best way. It’s such a trip. It’s hilarious, but also so smart. And I liked how you have sections of the book written as posts, like a modern epistolary novel. 

Okay, so I just have a few fun questions left. 

1) Can you recommend some great anime to a casual anime fan like myself? 

2) What’s your favorite food?

3) Do you have any pets?

And lastly, do you have any future plans to turn any other memes into books? (Ngl, I’d probably die for a sympathetic Karen character lol) 

It’s hard to recommend anime to a casual fan since I can sometimes be so blinded by my love for an anime that I don’t realise how inaccessible it is to newcomers or casual fans (I once made the mistake of watching Ouran High School Host Club with my mother). It depends on what you’re looking for genre-wise. 

My favourite anime currently is the reboot of Fruits Basket, which has a great mix of different genres and is able to be appreciated by people who aren’t super fans of anime. I would also recommend Demon Slayer if you want something more action-packed. Death Note is pretty accessible and it’s on Netflix so it’s easy to find.

My favourite food is probably either poffertjes (mini Dutch pancakes) or curry udon (Japanese noodles with curry). I also really love ice cream and crave it every day.

I have a pet cat. Her name is Eddie and I love her so much. I even named a character in one of my stories after her. She’s friendly and affectionate.

I might turn more memes into books in the future, depending on what interests me. Developing a Karen could be fun. Maybe I could have a Kyle as a son. 

I‘m kind of tempted to do another incel-themed story, but this time about a government-mandated girlfriend who’s not the dream girl an incel expected. I could poke fun at both the idea of a government-mandated girlfriend and the manic pixie dream girl trope.

I also want to write a story based on those text posts on Tumblr and Twitter in which two dudebros gush over each other in ways that sound romantic, with the recipient always responding “bro…” I might call it ‘Bromeo and Dudeliet’ and have them be from rival fraternities. 

God, I have way too many ideas for stories. I’m going to have to prioritise.

That’s it for my interview with Miss Miekakuna!

If you want to support an indie creator covering themes of LGBT+ issues and mental health, check out some of her socials below!








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