The How I Read Book Tag!

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I saw this tag over on the Zezee with Books blog and decided to jump in and do one myself!

(That’s right….this is a book blog….a very boring book blog….)

Do You Have a Certain Place At Home For Reading?

Well, I just moved, like, a week and a half ago, so not sure yet in this place. At our old apartment, I read in the bedroom, but that was mostly because that apartment was teeny-tiny and there weren’t any other good places to read.

I think once I’m done unpacking, I’ll probably set up a reading nook.

I’m also gonna to be getting rid of a lot of books. This move made me realize there are WAY too many in this household. And there are a bunch of duplicates, because me and my dude read in some of the same genres.

Can You Just Stop Reading or Do You Have to Stop After a Chapter or Certain Number of Pages?

Okay, so…lol…I have a weird system. I stop after the 50 page mark AND after the chapter ends. Basically, after I get past page 50 (or 100, 150, 200, etc-whatever the next 50 page increment is) then I read until the chapter ends. So if the chapter ends at page 52, I stop there. If it stops at page 67, I stop there.

I don’t know. I like having a system.

Bookmark or Random Piece of Paper


I know.

Forgive me book community, I have sinned!

Multitasking: Music or TV While Reading

I prefer neither tbh. Both are pretty distracting.

Do You Eat or Drink While Reading?

Yeah, but that’s because I’m pretty much constantly eating and drinking. I don’t really eat meals, just constant snacks.

Reading At Home or Everywhere?

Everywhere! XD If I know I’m going somewhere where I’m going to have time to read (like one of my jobs has a lot of down time) I’ll bring a physical book. If I just happen to have a few free moments waiting while I’m out, and I don’t have a book with me, then I’ll pull out my phone and either read through the kindle app or read books on wattpad.

One Book at a Time or Several?

I’ve always read several books at once. Usually between 5-7 at once. People say that’s weird, but I don’t get that at all.

“How do you not get confused?”

Well….how do you not get confused watching multiple tv shows at once? I don’t get how books are different. Like you don’t just watch one show at a time. Your brain keeps the different stories and characters separate somehow. *shrugs*

Reading Out Loud or Silently in Your Head?


Do You Read Ahead or Skip Pages?

Honestly, if it’s too gorey. I don’t like gore. I’ll skip ahead and then play catch-up later. I don’t like graphic gore.

Breaking the Spine or Keeping it Like New?

I don’t actually know what “breaking the spine” means, but I can say I treat all my books roughly. I feel like they’re meant to be read, carried out, used. I’m not trying to keep them fancy to look at.

Do You Write in Your Books?

Yeah. Sometimes. I did the most of this when I was working on my B.A. I’d make notes and highlight in books. My copy of “Frankenstein” looks absolutely atrocious.

I sometimes will now if I want to make a note about something for later, like for a review, or just as a ‘huh, this part is weird. Let me bookmark it just in case.’

Who Do You Tag?

Whoever sees this and wants to do the tag! 🙂

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