This Comedian is Using Her Experiences With Perpetual Singledom to Create Comedy Gold

They say to write what you know and New Zealand comedian Mama Z is doing exactly that. Mama Z has struggled with romance and intimacy and in her upcoming comedy show, she’ll be talking about those experiences with humor and candor.

She’s taking the stigma of singledom and addressing the misconception that only men are unable to find romantic relationships. She’s a great role model for people unable to find a viable partner. She finds joy in her comedy and many other areas of life. LDAR (Lay Down and Rot) is a commonly expressed idea in communities of people lacking a romantic relationship. But Mama Z shows us there is another option and rather than Lay Down and Rot it’s more like Let Go and Thrive. There’s a wonderfully empowering element of stoicism to Mama Z’s philosophy. She has accepted what she can not change, she is done listening to platitudes like ‘there is someone out there for everyone’ (I cringe when I think of how many people I’ve said this to. Sorry single community!), and she doesn’t spend her energy languishing; she spends it creating and being a positive force in her community.

Here is the description for her upcoming show:

What could be wrong with a person nobody else wants? Quite a lot, some suspect! Join Justin Ngai (MC) and Mama Z as Mama uses philosophy, psychology and metaphysics to rule out everything from Autism to Zoophilia.

‘113 Reasons Why Not’ is a mostly-true story about the decades Mama Z spent accepting her lack of sex appeal and receiving misguided advice. It premiered in 2019 at the Palmy Comedy Festival. It’s funny, sad, outrageously rude, yet thought-provoking. We hope to change how you see those without sex appeal, even if you only start by seeing them at all.

There’s something so powerful about speaking so openly about something that is often portrayed as so shameful and taboo. Mama Z isn’t hiding her single status. Instead, she is speaking openly about the reality that so many would rather not acknowledge.

To keep up with all of Mama Z’s goings on, check out her facebook page!

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