Change Up Your Reading Bingo Challenge!

Okay, I am here in front of you all creating my own book blogger/reading challenge. Basically, in 2019 all I read were wattpad books. Then in 2020, I read almost entirely traditionally-published books. I find myself wanting to keep up with all the corners of the book community! I want to keep with trad-pub books, the indie world, serial fiction, and I want to help my fellow authors out by beta reading and reading arcs and signing up for blog tours. I want to do it all! But how can I do it all if I don’t plan?

Hence, the Change Up Your Bingo Reading Challenge.

I’m compiling a list of all the different ways to find books to read and then putting them into bingo cards.

How do you play? Pick a bingo card, read books, and start filling in squares. Just be sure to link to this blog if you decide to post about the challenge on yours!

Categories: (feel free to make your own card)

  1. Traditionally-published book
  2. Indie book
  3. wattpad book
  4. Radish book
  5. Booksprout arc
  6. Netgalley arc
  7. Beta read a manuscript for a friend
  8. Find a manuscript to beta read through a goodreads group
  9. A book from smashwords
  10. A book from lulu
  11. An audible book
  12. An audiobook from the library (most libraries use Overdrive or Libby and you can download books from home)
  13. A story on A03
  14. A book for a blog tour (I like going through Silver Dagger best)
  15. A book from Project Gutenburg
  16. A story on
  17. A book serialized on a blog or on reddit
  18. Tapas Book
  19. Book you discovered through Booktube
  20. A book you find in a used bookstore
  21. A Manga
  22. A Book you found through bookstagram
  23. An indie anthology
  24. A Classic
  25. A Non-fiction Book by a Creator You Enjoy (blogger, youtuber, business owner, etc)

There we go! Now that is a nice variety of books that allows me to support all kinds of different indie creators across a number of platforms (and of course, I’ve gotta keep up with all the traditionally-published and classics that might come up in my travels across the bookosphere).

And now for the Bingo cards!

Okay! What do you guys think of my first time creating a blogger reading challenge?

Eh, even if nobody else does it, it will give me a way to make sure I read books in different formats over the course of 2021.

That’s it for me! Hope you guys are having a great weekend 🙂


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