Behold My Waifu Pillow <3

Haha XD I’m starting to roll out merch for my ‘Desire and Destruction’ book launch. I saw that Printify had pillows available for design and since I always joke that Cole from D&D is my dream man, I decided to make my very own Cole waifu pillow.

For any author looking to make merch, I highly recommend Printify. I like them a lot better than Teespring. Anytime there’s been an issue with any of my merch, someone from their customer service team emails me right away and talks me through the problem. Like with the Combustion makeup pouches I released with that book launch, the ink I chose wasn’t showing up on the canvas material, so they went though it with me and gave me a few different suggestions to fix it. They’re great. It’s super easy to design with them. It’s super easy to connect an etsy store.

Speaking of etsy stores…..

Pretty much everything I make on etsy goes back into my books, commissioning artists (like CocaineJia of deviantart who drew that gorgeous cover image of Cole and Ingrid), hiring people to format, developmental edit, proofread, hiring graphic designers, etc.

Publishing books is expensive, so every little bit of coin I can get helps. I like offering products instead of having a tip jar or patreon. I like people to get something tangible for the money they spend.

Anyway, that’s it for me! The plan is to relaunch Combustion in late April and the launch for Desire and Destruction still has to be determined, but should be sometime this spring.

Okay! See ya, sucker! ❤

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