Want to Win Some Book Swag?

This waifu pillow came out so freaking cute ❤ For real, if you’re gonna make book merch, you’ve gotta go with Printify.

It came out so cute! All I want to do is give one away 😀

So, since newsletter signups are hard to come by (and I need a good reason to sign up for one myself) I’ve decided to run a giveaway only for my newsletter subscribers.

The giveaway will be running March 1st-March 31st. I’m only distributing the rafflecopter link via the newsletter, so be sure to sign up if you want to enter (or if you want to give this indie author a thrill 😛 I just barely cracked double-digit newsletter subscribers and that milestone about made my life).

Okay! Newsletter sign up, here!

See ya, sucker!

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