WWW Weds: Furry VNs on Itch and Bloodlines!

Another Weds, bookosphere!

This is a weekly meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

Three questions and lots of rambling about books!

What Are You Currently Reading?

I’m still working my way through the 3rd book in Emily Hurricane’s Bloodlines series.

She just released book 4! Woot! If you love werewolves and the apocalypse, make sure you check it out!

It’s so super fun to read a werewolf story that isn’t a romance. It’s just so different. Like there is romance in the story, but it’s not the main plot thread. I don’t think I’ve read werewolf fiction outside of the romance genre. The creativity of this series is so neat.

Also, to all my fellow book bloggers out there, if you want to get a free arc (or a chance at some giveaway goodies), Emily has book one going on tour with Silver Dagger soon. You can sign up to review ‘The Beginning of the End’ and get the first book for free, while also helping out an awesome indie author ❤ If you don’t have time to read it, but still want a chance at winning the giveaway, you can sign up to do a spotlight and just blitz out the book with images and info from the media kit.

(Pssst! Click here! I love this series and this author!)

I’m also still reading this book and just….I don’t know what to say. There are a fuckton of characters. The POV keeps changing. I can’t keep track of anything. I’m incredibly fucking confused.

Luckily for me, my husband decided to buddy read it with me.

Anyway, he’s smarter than me. He’s more detail-oriented than me. He’s gonna read the damn thing and explain all the shit I didn’t understand. I really hope he can find a plot somewhere in there.

Lastly, this may not officially count as a book, but since I’m kind of on the writing team for one now (and have seen how much actual writing skill and storyboarding is required) I’m gonna start counting VNs as books.

I started playing around on itch.io and checking out furry visual novels, to learn more about the genre, since I was invited to help out with a furry visual novel. It’s so fun!

So I’ve been making my way through this VN: Psychic Connections.

This story is so cute and funny, and I am loving the immersive format! It’s like a more interactive choose-your-own-adventure novel.

I think Quinn is my favorite character so far. And the way the choice in that first lecture is worded XD “Distract me, Daddy!” I was sort of living for it.

What Did You Recently Finish Reading?

Well, again this week, no books. I finished reading no books….and that is two weeks in a row.

But I have a good excuse! I was beta reading. I did some beta reading of the script for the furry VN I’m helping out with and I beta read another writer’s entry in an erotica anthology I’m involved with.

So many fun projects! I’m so grateful people keep inviting me to collab on such neat stuff! Like especially considering I very publicly lost my mind a few months back, I’m amazed people still want to work with me. Maybe everybody is under the impression I’m one of those insane people who is also a brilliant creative genius and to be honest…..Fuck, I hope that’s the case.

Otherwise I’m just a noisy idiot….

What Do You Think You Will Read Next?

Well, I’ve had the furry VN ‘Tennis Ace’ recommended to me, so I plan to check out that visual novel next.

And of course, I need to hurry up and get on to book 4 in the Bloodlines series!

That’s it for me! What are you reading this week!

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