WWW Weds: Just Over Here Infiltrating a Cult and Writing Amazon Filth

It’s the weekly meme we know and love, hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

What are You Currently Reading?

I’m still reading this book and I’m still very lost. I told y’all I’m not actually smart. I just wear glasses and know some big words. Any asshole can learn big words. That shit’s rote memorization. It ain’t an indicator of actual intelligence. I don’t understand this fucking book. There are too many characters. I don’t think I’m a fan. But it’s become a point of contention now. I’m reading this fucking book. I’m not gonna DNF. It will not defeat me.

I’m also working my way through book two of the Lazarus Town novella series. It’s a super fast-paced Western romance with tons of twists. So far I’m liking book two even better than book one.

I’m back to trying to work my way through this book. My GOSH Unicult is the most boring fucking “cult” in existence. They really called themselves a cult just to get the wannabe edgy people like me to give them a second glance and not write them off as woo-woo self-help bullshit right away.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to get into the official Unicult discord. I do not know why. I filled out their freaking application, the paper and the digital. I paid my $11 via etsy. Never got access.

But I DID gain access to the Friends of Unicult discord server. It is very boring. Fucking nothing is happening in there. Really, I’m paying $5 a month via Patreon for this?

“Daily” prayer channel has not been updated since July. Before that, it still wasn’t daily. And there’s nothing here you don’t get in the weird “Cam church” thing on youtube.

The only chit-chat channel is dead AF.

That’s their general channel (and the only channels they have are introductions and the aforementioned “daily” prayer channel.

The general channel has had no comments in days. It’s rare to see new people greeted. No conversations are happening. I’m just saying…..y’all really charging people for access to this discord? I’ve never seen such a dead discord. I’m in a writer’s discord with literally 4 people and it’s more active and vibrant than this. The only interesting conversation in general is one where they all talk about how “negative” 4chan is. Fucking shit, at least they’re real.

I’m sorry but I was raised in a cesspool of woo-woo nonsense. I don’t trust woo-woo nonsense. That’s probably why I’m so keen to expose this group. Unfortunately for me, there is nothing to expose. They are the most boring motherfuckers on the entire internet, and that does include the disney community I recently had a scuffle with. Hey, the disney community is cringe, but it isn’t boring. Holy shit, Unicult is boring.

It’s all the same woo-woo “be positive love yourself manifest your reality” Tony Robins/The Secret bullshit we’ve seen thrown up all over the self-help genre, the guru grift time and time again. It IS a grift.

Fuck, I hate new age bullshit.

Crystals are just rocks, magic isn’t real, and life is abhorrent and meaningless, and you aren’t special. Stop playing pretend and do something productive.

I was raised around woo-woo nonsense. It’s all awful.

(Speaking of my very weird childhood, I recently came across this reddit thread that absolutely tripped me the fuck out: https://www.reddit.com/r/newjersey/comments/88mn8d/need_some_help_with_some_brick_nostalgia/-So my mom used to manage a store for her friend, it was basically like an indie Spencers-adult, erm…goods, and punk/goth clothing. This weird, creepy store full of adults that believed in vampires and witchcraft, who openly talked about sex in front of me constantly, it’s just a strange part of my childhood. So many summers spent sitting in the back surrounded by anal beads and leather jackets, while I read The Babysitter’s Club and wondered why the floor was sticky-Anyway….then there’s this reddit thread where people are like ‘Hey, remember that store in Brick that used to sell Manic Panic and Doc Martins?’ and it’s like a nostalgic one-off to them, but to me it’s this huge part of my upbringing and not a positive part….anyway, that shit just seems surreal to me. This store where my mom fucked her boss and I flipped through porn while the adults weren’t watching, to strangers it’s just the store that sold funky hair dye and alternative shoes….weird…)

Anyway, yeah, I am pushing my way through the regurgitated bullshit of this book, so I can finally start putting together my deep dive on Unicult and why it’s a fucking grift.

Telepathy is not real. Good vibes are not real. I’m only half-convinced meditation is real.

Woo-woo nonsense is a grift. Everybody stop falling for it.

Woo-woo new age shit makes people idiotic, self-centered, and terrible. I know I’ve talked enough about my horrible childhood. My very physically and emotionally abusive mom was the queen of woo-woo. Crystals, herbs, scrying mirrors, tarot cards, spell books. Lots and lot of money thrown into woo-woo shit and none of it ever made her happy enough not to beat the fuck out of her kids and tell them how much she hated them on an almost daily basis.

So a scathing deep dive on Unicult coming soon. Just gotta push through this boring cliche self-help book first, so I have a full understanding of exactly what flavor of bullshit we’re dealing with.

What Did You Recently Finish Reading?

I just finished book 3 in the Bloodline series and it was SOO Good!

I just love a werewolf story that isn’t romance for once! Like there is some romance in the series, but it’s absolutely not the main plot thread. Like in three books, we had one hook-up between Daphne and a side character. The book isn’t about ships. It’s about the end of the world, found family, and characters trying to figure out who they are.

If you feel like checking out the first book in the series, it is free on amazon and it’s available in audiobook on audible.

What Do You Think You will Read Next?

I’m moving right on to book 4 in the Bloodlines series. These books are so fun and action-packed, and since they are all novellas, it’s easy to plow right through them. It’s nice to be able to finish books so quickly, when I know I’m gonna be stuck on Malazan for several months.

And I signed up to read this arc through booksprout. I was browsing for some arcs and saw this alien romance and thought “Why not? I’m an alien smut writer now? Better check out the competition.”

Literally can’t believe this is what I do with my time now, but yeah XD I had a friend invite me to join a discord with a bunch of alien smut writers and alien/human erotic artists. Oh my goodness…I am learning things about this subgenre.

It’s fun though. I am in the VERY small minority writing erotica marketed to men. It’s a small market, but it does exist. Most of the alien smut that’s out there is stuff like the book above: male alien and female human. I did the opposite. Still, we do share a sub-genre, if not a target market. It never hurts to learn as much as you can about the state of a genre, the conventions and tropes.

Anyway, shameless plug now for MY alien smut. It’s currently available for pre-order. The book launches on April 3rd.

And yay! I have goodreads reviews

Also, I am currently in the process of having it made into an audiobook. For easier fapping.

I mean…something something literary things.

Fuck it, selling out is fun as hell. I’m not sorry. I’ll do whatever the hell I want with my undergrad in Creative Writing and Master’s Degree in English Lit.

The horny people of amazon deserve some filth without typos or glaring plot holes.

That’s it for me! What are you reading? Any indie books? Any upcoming book launches? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

6 thoughts on “WWW Weds: Just Over Here Infiltrating a Cult and Writing Amazon Filth

Add yours

  1. Huh, no synchronicity? Nothing you can’t see and touch and smell? Hopefully most of us are special in some way, unique. Aren’t you a fantasy writer? Ha. Well, I guess that is realistic fantasy. Ha. I’m teasing. Didn’t sound like a great book, that one! And you ARE smart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, it’s fine if I’m not smart. Everybody wants to be smart. I’d rather be genuine and interesting tbh
      It’s not a big deal to me if I’m just average intelligence


  2. Oh, a boring cult. Huh.

    I’ve been bingeing on James Lindsay’s web site, New Discourses. He has written a lot of stuff about how CRT is basically a cult and uses cult tactics, like playing on a vulnerability to offer absolution and then ratcheting up the cognitive dissonance so that people get more committed to the cult in order to relieve it. Today I listened to a podcast by him about how he manages not to go crazy when he’s up to his eyeballs in Theory all day. He basically said that once he understands something and can see how it’s internally consistent, reading it doesn’t make him feel crazy anymore. His response is more along lines of, “Oh, THIS sh*t.”

    So I guess that means ultimately, all cults are boring.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting. I don’t know what CRT is, but yeah any group that plays on vulnerability is sketchy. And that does make sense that a cult would have to rely on cognitive dissonance.
      Haha I guess maybe all cults ARE boring XD
      Unicult seemed pretty interesting at first. It’s all flash and smoke though. There’s no substance. They don’t really have any quirky or unique ideas or practices. Just a bunch of bored millenials who didn’t get their special fix with their zie/zir pronouns (not a joke-those are Unicole’s pronouns) so they went on to make a woo-woo cult of aren’t-I-special nothingburgers.
      We need another recession. This is what my generation gets up to with job security.

      Liked by 1 person

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