WWW Weds: When I’m Not Planning Online Courses, I’m Reading Non-Fiction and Romance

WWW Weds is a Weekly meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

I’m putting my WWW post up early this week. Because I have my Weds booked solid putting the final touches on a class I’m teaching in a Kindle Vella discord. Eep! I’m so damn excited!

I really do love teaching. I miss it a lot. But, because of all the mental health issues and how symptomatic I’ve been the past few years, obviously I couldn’t keep teaching K12. I quit in August. My supervisor tried to talk me into staying and I didn’t know how to tell her ‘I’m having some kind of mental health relapse-I feel something big coming on.’ So I just made up a bunch of nonsense.

I know quitting K12 education was the right thing to do. I never should have gone into that field to begin with. I let other people in my life talk me into it. But I am diagnosed with everything from bipolar to schizoaffective disorder. I don’t know what the fuck I actually have, since doctors diagnose mental health disorders with about as much care as a drunk millennial doing a buzzfeed quiz, but I know i don’t always function the way I should, perceive things the way I should, or process my emotions the way I should.

So…here I am. I quit my teaching job. I went back to retail. I have a Master’s degree in English Lit and still no prospects for breaking into an adjunct role at the college level. Where if I have an off moment or say something weird, the students are old enough to deal with that and won’t be emotionally harmed by it.

Leaving teaching because I felt a depressive episode coming on….well, it was a double-edged sword, because I know it was the right decision, but it made my depression a lot worse. And then because I get delusions, my idiotic brain decides the reason I’m so sad is not because I have no direction or purpose in life, it’s because of insert-stupid-shit-having-to-do-with-delusion.

During a rough period I was having back in January, I started playing around with creating youtube videos teaching people about plot structure and character arcs. I used to have a lot of fun teaching kids this stuff, using books that are always popular with young teens, like ‘Holes.’ I won’t say doing that on youtube for an audience of adults gave me the same exact feeling, but it was nice.

And a couple of my author friends pointed out that I seemed a lot happier when I was standing in front of my whiteboard, explaining plot structure to a camera.

Since my friends have started urging me to point some of my energy towards teaching people online (and they’re totally right-everybody needs something to trick their brain into thinking there’s a point to being alive-teaching people stuff does it for me) I’ve been thinking of different ways I could do such a thing.

And then the Kindle Vella discord that I’m in put out a call looking for people to teach mini courses!

So I threw my hat in the ring, pitched an idea for a hybrid writing course (combo of plotting and pantsing) and now I’m scheduled to teach that class this Friday at 4pm EST. If you’re interested in attending let me know and I’ll get you a link to that discord server.

Eep! So excited!

But I have so many last minute things to do tomorrow in preparation. I need to finish putting together my worksheets and supplementary materials and getting my lesson plan in order. I also have a short chat scheduled with the owner of that server to get the tech issues squared away.

So, yeah, I’m putting out my WWW post today, because I know I’ll be stuck on prep for that class tomorrow.

The next thing I plan to do is create a zoom course. I’ve thought of creating skillshare courses before, but as somebody who has taken skillshare courses…eh…I wasn’t blown away. A skillshare course is basically just a collection of youtube videos. A true course is interactive.

If I did a zoom course, I could take a small group of people, probably between 5-10, and have weekly or bi-weekly sessions that includes participation and group activities. I could actually give feedback on what they produce.

That’s what I’m thinking of now. Probably a 10 week course and I’d charge participants $95. That’s a pretty good deal, I think. Since I got my undergrad in Creative Writing, I know what a higher ed workshop class looks like and feel confident I could recreate that, but better, and charge a fuck ton less for it.

If anybody is interested in taking such a course, I’m starting to collect contact info now, so that once it’s ready to go i know who to contact. I am lucky enough to know some people who work in higher ed who have offered to help me create the syllabus and either a Canvas or Google Classroom component. That will take a little bit of time and it’s my first time trying to do something like this, so while I think this should be ready for launch around August, I really have no idea.

Anyway, Google form if you want to sign up for info about it when it’s ready.

You’re not signing up for the course with this form. You’re just saying ‘Hey, let me know when there’s more info. This is something I MIGHT be interested in.’

Okay, well, that’s really what I’ve been spending my time on. Going rogue and deciding I’m an adjunct on the internet, since I can’t break into that field IRL. Like, bitch, I’ll give myself a job.

I really think my biggest problem in life is that I just don’t have enough to do.

The busier y’all can keep me, the less of a nuisance I’ll be (hopefully).

Okay, we’ve covered the latest passion project in my life. I managed to shoehorn it into this post.

Now onto the books I’ve been reading, in-between all this class prep work.

What Are You Currently Reading?

Self by Nikita Nian is absolutely brilliant.

The book opens with faces in the wall asking the protagonist “Is it true that you are alive?”

Nik, literally as I was writing this, just told me he has once again taken Self off wattpad. Nooooo!

Gah, as much as I love the book, I understand that Nik has other projects to focus on right now.

I’m also reading…

All of these are books I’m reading to prepare for a long-form video essay on problems in the psych industry. Crazy Like Us is a reread for me. I’m doing a refresher read on that one and buddy-reading it with a blogger friend.

I talked a little bit about my experiences with the psych industry and why reform is needed in a recent livestream.

Right now, I’m really engrossed in reading non-fiction about the psych industry and watching a lot of lectures on the topic. There are so many problems with how the DSM is created and how the pharmaceutical companies influence the DSM, as well as patient treatment through the funding of academic studies, “honoria” given to doctors and researchers, rampant astroturfing, and even creating course content for medical schools. Conflicts of interest abound in the psych field, and patients are misdiagnosed and over-medicated to the point of psychosis as a result.

Lastly, I’m reading

And Jennifer Mugrage is awesome. You should definitely check out her blog.

My blogger buddy, Anna from The Book Critter, is also reading this. I need to step up my game and stop being such a slow reader.

What Did You Recently Finish Reading?

This week I finished the arc of the audiobook version of ‘Beginning of the End.’ I read the ebook version as an arc a few months back and gave it a 5 star review. It was fun to revisit the first book in the series (esp since I’m about to start book 4!) in audiobook format.

The experience of reading the ebook as compared to the audiobook: some of the emotional scenes had a little extra flavor. The scene with Daphne reading the letter her dying mother gave her comes to mind. I also loved Daphne’s tone as she talks to her crow companion.

Re-reading this I definitely noticed a few things I didn’t the first time. Mainly that Emily Hurricane is incredible at writing very visceral pain. There are a number of scenes in this book involving intense physical pain and Emily writes it in a way that is so superbly evocative.

I also finished the second erotic short in Lucy Luscious’ ‘Discovering Desires’ series.

It was just as steamy and fun as the first book. I’d actually say it was even more steamy. It’s very light bondage and BDSM, so it would be a good pick for anybody looking to dip their toes into the bdsm erotica genre, without getting into anything too kinky.

What Do You Plan to Read Next?

I need to read book four of the Bloodlines series.

I impulse bought this just for the cover. Damn look at that cover. The classic Halloween imagery coupled with that title, it just gives me such cozy, Halloween vibes (but with smut!)

And I LOVE anything by Pixie Stormcrow. I need to get into this steamy paranormal romance of hers!

That is it for me!

See you again next Weds 🙂

2 thoughts on “WWW Weds: When I’m Not Planning Online Courses, I’m Reading Non-Fiction and Romance

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  1. Gah thank you so much for the audio plug! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Jenna did such an amazing job. ❤ I can't wait for you to read book 4 it's my favourite one. 😀

    ALSO I'm a few chapters into The Muse's Touch and it's soooo good! My very first Pixie Stormcrow. I can't wait to fangirl together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She did a really great job 🙂 Oh! Now I’m really stoked to read it, hearing it’s your favorite 🙂

      And yay! We can be Pixie Stormcrow fans together now! (The Playgrounds series is soo good! You should check that out next 🙂


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