Weekly Weds Catchup: STOP telling people to go to Therapy

My own twist on the classic WWW meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

What I’m Working On

*Prepping my Kindle Vella serial Feels Bad, Man

This will go live sometime next month. It is my rewrite of the book that got me way too much attention (let’s be real I went looking for attention-I’m an actual maniac sometimes). I got sort of wacky with that whole thing for most of 2019 and 2020.

I’m very grateful to all the writers who tried to kindly point out to me that I was being weird and should probably knock it off. I bit a few heads off and that wasn’t cool, and now I’m just out here trying to be semi-regular again.

The book is no longer about dudes who can’t get laid, because my views have changed quite a bit on that front.

The book is now focused on the experience of living in a toxic family while being a psych patient, something I wrote a lot about in my last blog post. The book will about the experience of being a psych patient, and hopefully, will teach more people about the conflicts of interest and rampant corruption in the psych industry.

*Working on a collab peice about problems in the psych industry. A writer that I’m acquaintances with approached me about a collaboration. I won’t say too much about it, because it’s not only my work, and she wants to pitch to actual publications once it’s done. (the neat opportunities that are offered when you pop the hell off in a random discord server XD)

*Planning a digital book convention in my discord server. This was a project suggested by a writer friend of mine and now we have a great little team together, brainstorming different events and trying to decide on a keynote speaker to invite.

*Writing my post-colonial piece about Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. I’m specifically focused on the noble savage/white savior dichotomy and how this harmful dichotomy is reinforced through modern “anti-racist” rhetoric. Look, there’s no way to be that focused on intrinsic traits without getting a little racist. A lot racist actually. Being an ally is really just using people of color as props to prove what a good white person you are, and that’s really messed up. All you have to do in this world is be decent. You can’t spend all your mental energy positioning race as the most important defining feature of a person and also behave decently. That’s how you get Rachael Dolezal situations. White women allies are freaking wild.

*Writing a romance short for an anthology I was invited to be a part of with a group of other writers. The deadline is approaching, so I actually really need to get cracking here. I think I’m the only person doing a role reversal thing, but everyone in the collection seems to be bringing their own interesting flavor. Lots of different writers and types of romance.

*Lastly, I wrote a short piece for a mental health series a magazine is running. I emailed the editor and pitched it to them, so we’ll see what happens.

What I’m Watching

*I watched and then rewatched Run Hide Fight. We did a watchalong in my friend’s discord and it was cool to hear everyone else’s take on it. I actually turned out to be the one most critical of the movie. Which is weird, because I’m the biggest Ben Shapiro stan. But I’m just really critical of basically all media I consume.

*My husband and I are rewatching Better Call, Saul for the 4th time. I can just never get sick of that show.

And now on to the classic questions:

What I Recently Finished Reading

This is such a great book. There are so many conflicts of industry in the psych industry and anybody who tells people to go to therapy has an ethical responsibility to educate themselves on these issues and advocate for change. If you don’t have the energy or motivation to do that then you need to stop playing lip service to mental health.

Literally, book community, y’all disappointed the FUCK out of me during mental health month.

Everybody wanna play like they’re so intersectional and woke…

Why did I see NOTHING on my social media about the intersectionality of class, and mental health?

Y’all do mental health awareness SO FUCKING BOUGIE.

I’m so livid at all the mental health “advocates”, honestly. Y’all telling people “take time for yourself. Self-care. Take a bubble bath” but do you think the homeless black woman suffering from psychosis, being arrested and drugged against her will, who isn’t even having her basic needs met CAN TAKE A FUCKING BUBBLE BATH.

And look at this shit?

“Normalize Therapy”?? Fuck YOU.

Therapy is run by the influence of corporations. Y’all so fucking anti-capitalist until I criticize your precious fucking therapy. There is a profit incentive and barely anybody is talking about and it makes me actually angry.

How long ago was it that being trans or gay was a diagnoses in the DSM? How many people were greatly harmed just for being who they are? Oh, but NOW the mental health field is perfect? You all NEED to be more suspicious of therapy.

The psych industry harms people and you are complicit in that harm and you perpetuate that harm every single time you encourage someone to go to therapy.

Everyone encouraging people to go to therapy is working with the basic bitch mental health issues of anxiety and depression. No fucking wonder you love therapy. You get to go and sit in a pretty little office for 45 minutes and talk about yourself. You haven’t been arrested mid-crisis. You haven’t been held down and drugged.


First of all, think a little bit about the people with severe mental health issues-the people with psychotic illnesses.

Second, consider the intersection of class and mental health. What is the mental health field like for the homeless or very poor patient?

Third, and this is important: SHUT THE FUCK UP until you have researched the influence of the pharmaceutical industry in the creation of the DSM, in the marketing of diseases themselves and creation of symptom pools, and in the way money is funneled from the pharmaceutical industry directly to doctors.

That is the responsibility you have if you consider yourself a mental health advocate.

You keep doing this basic bitch-don’t actually give any fucks-mental health awareness, and all you’re really doing is virtue-signaling. Except in this case, your virtue-signaling is actively harming people.

What I Am Currently Reading

I’m also beta reading this book for Pixie Stormcrow

This is a very unique twist on the mafia romance genre. It’s going to be released July 15th, according to the goodreads page.

And I’m reading this Amish romance that I found at my city library. I was really enjoying the book, but then damn, does EVEY romance need a bitchy blonde character to compete with the female lead for the affection of the male lead? There is even a scene of the two main characters laughing at the blonde behind her back and calling her “uppity.” I don’t why women have to be so catty and hate each other in romance novels, but it’s misogynistic and toxic as hell and I hate it.

What I Will Read Next

I have a whole bunch of erotic furry stories cued up to read. I had a bunch recommended to me on Sofurry (I’ve never heard of Sofurry, I’m only on furaffinity-and…shameless plug for my collab furry erotic short that I wrote with Nikita Nian of Nikitty Studios!-Check out Nik’s patreon if you’re interested in furry VNs and think you might want to play the pre-alpha version of his game ‘Down Dockside.’

That’s it! And yes, I know it’s Thursday.

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