A Mafia Romance That’s Actually…Sweet??

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to beta read a mafia romance. Now, this is not the first time someone has asked me to read or review a mafia romance. And I’ve always said, “No, I don’t read mafia romance.”

But because the author is a friend of mine, I knew this was going to be a different sort of mafia romance. She had talked about the project a few times in the months before and mentioned that she wanted to put a different sort of spin on mafia romance.

I’ve read a bunch of her other contemporary romances, so I know that a book by Pixie Stormcrow is always sweet, sexy, and consensual.

I beta read the first few chapters of The Dragon’s Enforcer and absolutely LOVED it.

First of all, it’s set in Hong Kong. This is already so different than any other mafia romance I’ve ever stumbled across. It’s not a super diverse subgenre. Pixie Stormcrow’s family is from Hong Kong and from what she’s said, it sounds like she spent a good deal of time there when she was young, so this is an Own Voices story. She immerses us in the culture of Hong Kong and just from reading this story (and keeping up with the Hong Kong facts she posted on her social media in the days leading up to the book launch!) I’ve learned so much about Hong Kong.

The mafia leader who acts as the main love interest leads by compassion and respect, not fear and violence.

The female lead is grieving the death of her father and also on the run from gang rivals when she meets this love interest in a martial arts studio.

The inclusion of martial arts was another very fun detail.

I love seeing an author put their own twist on a subgenre and tropes, and adding a cinnamon roll hero and some oh so sexy consent to the mafia subgenre is a twist I can definitely get behind.

There’s a reason Pixie Stormcrow’s tagline is “Consent is Sexy.” And ohhh is it!

Check out the book here

Amazon | Goodreads | Author Website

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