I’m Trying to Learn Afrikaans because Die Antwoord

So of course I know all of the curse words already, because Die Antwoord 😉

I’ve been literally obsessed with everything South Africa ever since discovering this rap/rave duo. Their music is amazing. Their energy and both of their personalities are just endlessly entertaining (I am aware of the Zheanni situation and rather than become an actual rape apologist like basically all of r/dieantwoord, I’ll just say ‘the author is dead’ and keep on bopping to Evil Boy, knowing that Ninja and Yolandi might be really shit people).

By the way, this song is condemning the practice of ceremonial tribal circumcision of teenage boys. The male genital mutilation done in the South African tribes leads to infections and even death. Boys who protest the ceremony are told they must be homosexual and that they will not become a man. This is why the black guy rapping in a tribal language (subtitled) says that he is not gay and he doesn’t care about becoming a man.

Anyway, if I could travel anywhere in the world it would be either Capetown or Johannesburg. I want to see Table Mountain. I want to see the beach with the penguins. I want to to taste South African barbecue. Like…ah! South Africa ❤

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Anyway, sporadically over the past few years, I’ve tried to learn Afrikaans. I am very very bad with languages, so it’s a struggle and I keep giving up.

I saw this audiobook in audible and decided (since none of these youtube channels I’ve tried have been helpful) to give it a try.

This was one of the easier Afrikaans learning tools I’ve tried out. The book doesn’t introduce too much. If too much information gets thrown at me at once, I find I don’t retain anything. This book covers some of the basic stuff, like everyday phrases and greetings. Also the vowel and letter sounds are covered in a lot of detail.

I like that this book uses two characters who talk to each other: one is an Afrikaans teacher and one is an Afrikaans student. By using this cheesy device, a lot of important concepts are explained, and it was easy to stay focused, since there are two people talking to each other (just not as easy to zone out if there is just one narrator).

In this audiobook, I learned that Afrikaans uses a double negative, that there aren’t very many tense changes so conjugation isn’t an issue, that Afrikaans uses the same subject verb object grammar as English (yay! No new grammar structures!), to make a word plural you add an E 9instead of an S in English, and to change a sentence to a question you just reorder the words.
Honestly, I retained way more with this audiobook than with any of the other Afrikaans learning tools I’ve used so far.

There are also breaks in the language lessons to teach listeners about South African culture. I learned a ton about SA that I didn’t know. Like that in SA the day after Christmas is also a holiday (I an’t remember the name of the holiday) so everybody gets both days off. I learned that before slavery was abolished, slaves used to get the second of January off (it was their only day off), so today the second of January is still an important holiday. I learned gay marriage has been legal in SA since the early 2000s. SA has over 900 species of bird. Barbeque (brai) is very important in SA cuisine. South Africans are very blunt and direct.

One piece of SA trivia they covered, I obviously already knew. They explained who Anri du Toit is when they talked about world famous South Africans.

Duh, Yolandi Visser.

I wouldn’t even be trying to learn Afrikaans if i didn’t have a burning desire to rap the lyrics to Da Godz Mus B Krazy. And I can already rap Cookie Thumper because I can never get that shit out of my head.

Holy fuck why does this song slap so fucking hard?? No other song makes me want to jump out of my own skin like this one does. Everybody I play it for IRL says it gives them a headache. I swear I can’t even play it without needing to get up and pace around and dance. The energy is so fucking high. Never found a song that makes me need to get up and move like this one.

All in all, this audiobook is a great intro for anybody who struggles with new languages.

Okay then!

Goeie Nag!

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  1. We dont barbeque. We BRAAI! There is so much more to Cape Town than a flat hill or penguins. One lifetime, in fact, won’t suffice. Don’t waste your days elsewhere. 😀🇿🇦


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