WWW Weds: Amish Baking and Shifter Romance

Yeah, yeah, I’m done sad-posting (for now) and here is a weekly meme posted.

As always, it is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

What Did I Recently Finish Reading?

I’ve never been so disappointed by a book. For years I’ve been saying Paul Tremblay is my favorite writer of all time.

Look, writers, go ahead and make your books political. Long as you know your book becomes a little less universal to the human experience when you do that.

As political as my obnoxious ass is usually, I don’t make my books political. I usually make an effort to give my characters different ideologies than me. I mean, not always, but even when I do a self-insert thing, the point of the book isn’t to push a political agenda.

If the point of your book is to push a political agenda, then it’s not really a book about the human experience; it’s a book about a particular ideology. Basically, you can’t be surprised if people from the opposing ideology don’t vibe with the book.

So Tremblay is free to make his book political. But since I don’t agree with his politics, I didn’t like the book.

This book was so fun to read through (in addition to recipes, there are lots of little footnotes and bits of information about the Amish lifestyle.)

I just baked my first recipe from the book. White bread! I vlogged while baking bread and I will put that video up soon. For now, here are the pictures.

My loaves of bread….definitely don’t look like the picture on the book :/

What am I Currently Reading?

I’m reading an arc of this contemporary second chance romance. I’ve read a few books by this author before and always enjoy her books. It released today if you need a short, cute romantic beach read.

Still making my way through this behemoth. I’m finally starting to get into it. I’m especially invested in the female POV character. I hope she does pull off her heist.

I’m also still reading this holiday resort collection of shifter short stories by Zoe Chant. Some are better than others. Right now I’m reading a story where the male is asexual and the female isn’t. Personally I just don’t see how they can make that work. I’ve been in a sexless relationship in the past; it’s a terrible feeling. It’s awful when you’re attracted to someone and want to have sex with them and they don’t want you in the same way. It sours the whole relationship. You try and just ignore it and think ‘it’s not a big deal’ and maybe it’s not a big deal for a while, until suddenly it’s a huge deal and you’re confessing crushes just to get them to leave you so you can finally go out and get fucked for the first time in years.

Look, I’m just saying…I’m not feeling this relationship mismatch. People who are not asexual should be with people who can meet their needs, because the need for sexual intimacy is important.

What Am I Reading Next?

This is an arc that I still need to read and review! Very angsty romance and it comes highly recommended to me by several writer friends.

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