September Bookish Wrap-Up

I finished 7 stories in September:

2 Wattpad Shorts (one personal essay and one smut)

3 classic novellas (all by Joseph Conrad)

1 Philosophy audiobook

1 Thriller novel

Everything else that I read was beta reading for the romance/erotica anthology I’m involved with, and I did a paid developmental edit through Fiverr (you can hire me here, if you need an affordable developmental edit for your novel).

Best Reads

My absolute favorite read of the month was Break Out. Soooo good! I raved about it so much, that I succeeded in convincing two of my friends to read it and both of them ended up binging the book in just a couple of days. It’s really impossible to put down.

I also found a profile of GFD smut on wattpad and I’m in love with it.

This has to be the hottest erotic one-shot I’ve ever come across.

And I read a personal essay by Alix Hicks. He writes about his experiences with gender dysphoria and transitioning. The essay is currently being featured by wattpad for Trans Day of Visibility.

Worst Reads

Yes, I dislike the story for the obvious reason. It’s impossible to separate ourselves from a modern mindset when reading a classic. And I’m not going to try.

There are a lot of my fellow white people engaging in fucking histrionics over on goodreads.

Nobody is saying the book should be burned or banned. Nobody is saying you can’t read it.

Fuck, I read it.

I’m saying that a use of a word that deeply hurts many people detracts from the story. It doesn’t matter what poignant insights Conrad has on human nature (and yes, I do think he has some). The story is full of racial slurs and the narrative hyper-fixates on the race of the one black character, James Wait.

Classics are classics when they endure and hold up to scrutiny in a timeless way.

This one doesn’t. We all know better now (or…most of us…a lot of white people on goodreads picked a weird fucking hill to die on…pick a better hill, my friends. It’s hella weird to be so hell-bent on defending the use of racial slurs).

I listened to this audiobook while cleaning my bathroom the other day. I went in knowing almost nothing about Nietzsche.

I still know almost nothing about Nietzsche. Well, his philosophy anyway.

I know a fuck-ton about how much of a social retard Nietzsche was around women. And how he was a pathetic cuck who orbited a woman for ages, before asking the OTHER DUDE orbiting her to propose to her FOR HIM, and then threatened to kill himself when she said no……

So, yes, this book decided to waste a SHITLOAD of that 90 minutes on doing Nietzsche real fucking dirty and telling us all about what a weird dumbass he was around females.

What did I learn about his actual philosophy?

Something something edgy reddit athiest….something something Super Men…but NO the Nazis were wrong to take that literally, and NO the book will not elaborate further

Soo…that was a waste of 90 fucking minutes.

The book was 80% laughing at Nietzche for being so weird, 10% talking about his relationship with Wagner, and maybe 5% on his philosophy (with another 5% for various unrelated nonsense).

That was my September reading!

I hope to get a lot more done in October. Currently reading both Frankenstein and Dracula 😀

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