Darcy Coates: Horror with Hope

Holy CRIMINEY y’all! How is Darcy Coates not holding a Bram Stoker right now? I think as soon as an author has that common-folk-stank of commercial success, people become blinded to the true merits of their work.

The twists in this book were incredible. Multiple twists that all wove together so well. And I saw none of them coming.

The writing is superb. So emotional and vivid. The descriptions are so gritty and pull you right into the terror of what is happening. More than that, there is a horrifying surreal quality to it. Time stretches and undulates, reality twists into nightmares and back again. What is real and what isn’t? Leigh is stuck in a waking nightmare, a hell she can’t get out of.

And somehow, through all of this terror, through the rattling of the cupboard door and the hands reaching out from under the bed, the sensation of insects writhing in her mouth, and the rot creeping from every crevice of her home; through all of this, the book has a hopeful tone and resounds with themes of love, friendship, and the enduring ties of family. Death is present throughout the book in many ways. Some characters have died. Some characters are close to dying. Some have lost loved ones who have died. Yet, death itself is not the terror in this book. Death is a stage of life that hints of peace and hope. It’s beautiful really. The terror is the evil that lurks in the hearts of human beings, and once that terror is truly revealed, even that is presented with an air of compassion. Evil people are to be pitied, once the imminent fear has passed.

And the most evil people have to suffer the most. They build the hells that they can’t escape, because they can never escape the evil in their own hearts, they can never redo the wrongs they’ve committed.

The ending of this book made me sob.

Literally, there were tears running down my face, on my couch just sobbing. The friendship between the characters was so beautiful.

Darcy Coates writes scary books, but her books are so hopeful and so human, and she deserves so much more recognition than she gets.

This book is fucking brilliant. Just ignore the fact that you probably bought it in the grocery store next to a case of snapple, okay? It’s brilliant.

It should win a Bram Stoker award. I’ve never loved a horror novel as much as I loved this one.

Darcy Coats has replaced Paul Tremblay as my favorite author.

I want to keep buying her books in the grocery store, but I also really want her to be recognized for the absolute legend that she is.

Horror with beautiful themes of love, friendship and family; I’ve never read anything like it.

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