About Jyvur Entropy

Jyvur Entropy is an American Horror and Fantasy author. She is most well-known for Combustion, which premiered on wattpad in 2016. It has since gone on to acquire over 65,000 reads, was longlisted for the 2018 Watty’s, and featured twice by wattpad.

Her fantasy novels include Of Time Storms and Tourniquets and Desire and Destruction. These are both romance-fantasy with a time travel twist.

She also has one contemporary novel, Incel. This is her most controversial work. It was removed from wattpad after one warning to tone down the “offensive content.” She snuck it back onto the site under the title “Over, Buddy Boyo.” Jyvur wants any actual incels who have stumbled across her to know that she means them no harm. Jyvur believes incels aren’t the problem; they are the symptom of a much deeper problem, and that’s why she wants to write about them. The book is currently being uploaded to this blog.

Jyvur has a B.A in Creative Writing and an M.A in English Lit. She hopes one day to be a professor for undergrad studies. Jyvur has worked as a department supervisor for Home Depot, a freelance ghostwriter specializing in memoir, a non-profit blogger, and a developmental editor.

Jyvur was raised in New Jersey, where she had an interesting childhood, to the say the least. Jyvur was raised by a single mother who is a Wiccan, lesbian, feminist, who ran a ceramics company out of the kitchen and managed a sex toys store. Jyvur hopes to one day meet someone who had an even more liberal hippy-dippy childhood than her.

Jyvur loves Die Antwoord, but doesn’t speak enough Afrikaans to sing along to the new House of Zef record.

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