Dennis: Part 9

I was very excited to get an apartment with Dennis. At this point, I’d recently stopped working at the daycare … More

Dennis: Part 8

My grandmother had a very serious conversation with me after the maybe-miscarriage situation. “Jennifer, with all of the problems you’ve … More

Dennis: Part 7

There came a point in time when Dennis proposed to me. He didn’t have enough money for a ring. He … More

Dennis: Part 6

I have a lot of nice memories with Dennis. Like when I slept over his house the night before Easter … More

Dennis: Part 5

My sexual relationship with Dennis didn’t start until we’d been dating for months. This part of the story will probably … More

Dennis: Part 4

My friend group morphed around this time. Instead of Zach, Nicki, Chris, and me, it became Zach, Nicki, Dennis, and … More

Dennis: Part 3

Dennis and I started spending a lot of time together. He was always very sweet. He was always worried about … More

Dennis: Part Two

Dennis was a friend of Zach’s. They’d been in foster care together, but only briefly, because Dennis was older than … More

Dennis: Part One

Dennis was the last serious boyfriend I had before I met my husband. I’ve talked about him a couple of … More


I’m really trying to figure out how to write this without sounding like I’m full of myself. I don’t think … More