It’s a Damn Shame Romance Requires a HEA

HEA. Happily Ever After. I love spending time lurking on, a website that aggregates tweets from literary agents. You get a lot of insight into what literary agents are thinking and what’s currently hot in the market. Besides the fact that identity politics reign supreme in the trad-pub world (are you a white maleContinue reading “It’s a Damn Shame Romance Requires a HEA”

What in the fuck feminism-on-model-airplane-glue did I just read?

The Need by Helen Phillips 2/5 stars (and I’m definitely being generous here) So, I have a Master’s Degree in English Literature. I hope that doesn’t sound braggy. Trust me, it’s nothing to brag about. I mean, yeah I’m middle class and my career is A-okay, but I’m not smarter than anybody for having that.Continue reading “What in the fuck feminism-on-model-airplane-glue did I just read?”

Ninth House: I Wish I Had Written It

4/5 Stars Oh, Ninth House. Delicious, dark, mysterious, murder-mystery-wrapped-in-a-low-fantasy-dark-academia Ninth House. Fuckkkk….this is the kind of fantasy book that I YEARN to write. You ever read a book soooo good that you’re just like, ‘Yes, everytime I sit down to write, this is what I’m trying to do.’ Most of the readers who give aContinue reading “Ninth House: I Wish I Had Written It”

Incel: Chapter 10; Young People Styles

He turned in front of the full-length mirror. It hung from the back of his parents’-well, his mom’s bedroom door. He took in his reflection. Scrawny. His shoulders were too narrow. His neck was too long. His hair was too thick. It was getting too long and unmanageable too. He was starting to look likeContinue reading “Incel: Chapter 10; Young People Styles”

Incel: Chapter 9; If He Had Someone In His Corner

The blackpill? What was that? He typed his question into google. Huh…there was that word incel again. A number of the responses to his post had called him an incel. Maybe that was what he should be googling. What is an incel? Unable to find a romantic or sexual partner? Well that sounded like him.Continue reading “Incel: Chapter 9; If He Had Someone In His Corner”

Incel: Chapter 8; Take The Blackpill

He’d never actually posted in Reddit. He’d dropped a comment here and there. He made use of the upvote/downvote system. He’d never written a post. But here it was, three-thirty in the morning and he was still awake, still jittery, still wondering what in the ever-loving-fuck was wrong with him. He was a virgin atContinue reading “Incel: Chapter 8; Take The Blackpill”

Incel: Chapter Seven; People Like Us

Emily spent the rest of the night making pointed comments about him and Becca. “She was cute, huh?” “I guess.” “Don’t gimme that,” she prodded. “I saw the way you were making eyes at that goth girl. You two would be cute together.” “I don’t think so.” “Why not?” “Just don’t.” “I don’t think I’veContinue reading “Incel: Chapter Seven; People Like Us”

Chapter Five: Incel; Cyclical Cynicism

He drifted through the next two weeks. Every day was some variation of the same, work and customers and coworkers and then coming home to the dark, lonely basement. Adam missed having friends. He’d never made any strong connections with coworkers. There was a couple once, a woman who worked in the deli with himContinue reading “Chapter Five: Incel; Cyclical Cynicism”

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