Research Gone Wrong: My Time With the Incels

I first heard about the incels back in 2014, probably right along with everybody else reading this. That was when Elliot Rogers went on his shooting rampage in California. I remember being shocked, utterly shocked that any human being’s brain could work the way that his did. He felt that those women deserved to dieContinue reading “Research Gone Wrong: My Time With the Incels”

Five Ways That the Romance Genre is Sexist Towards Men

Can I watch two people fall in love without a bunch of sexist problematic tropes? And to be clear, I do think the romance genre is sexist towards both men and women. I’m covering the ways we women objectify men in this article, but stay tuned! I’m not forgetting about all the terrible internalized misogyny.Continue reading “Five Ways That the Romance Genre is Sexist Towards Men”

Columbine Fangirls and Mainstream Romance Fiction: A Comparison

Go to Tumblr, type in Columbine, and then stare into the darkness. Or, actually don’t, because within seconds you will definitely see the gory suicide photos of the Columbine killers, and if you’re really unlucky, you’ll see all that gore surrounded by hearts and fanart and women describing the killers as “sexy” “godlike” “adorable”. MaleContinue reading “Columbine Fangirls and Mainstream Romance Fiction: A Comparison”

Let’s Talk About Rape in Fiction

Before I even start, let me say this: I am pissed. This may not be my most well-written piece. I’m sick of this idea that it is sexist and wrong to write about rape. I’m sick of seeing snarky tweets where people lament the “desecration of female bodies” in fiction. I’m a non-fictional female. I’veContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Rape in Fiction”

Take The Stormer Type Quiz!

What kind of stormer are you? Are you a selfish but resilient Healer? Are you a volatile but driven Fire Stormer? Or maybe you’re an adventurous but naive Flying Stormer? Take the quiz to find out! Post your results in comments below and let me know if the results surprised you. I really likeContinue reading “Take The Stormer Type Quiz!”

Stormer Personality Types: The Less Common Powers

There are the super common powers, like Healing Stormers, which are, as Jake so snarkily quips at Vincent in book one, “a dime a dozen.” Then there are the exceptionally rare types, such as Time Stoppage and Creation. But then we also have a few that are in the middle, they’re not filling the stormerContinue reading “Stormer Personality Types: The Less Common Powers”

Stormer Personality Types: The Common Powers

If you’re a fan of Time Storms, you’ve probably noticed that different types of stormers have different personalities. This is something that the characters start to notice towards the end of the first book, and it’s commented on frequently in the second book. Maybe you’ve been wondering what type of stormer you would be. Here,Continue reading “Stormer Personality Types: The Common Powers”

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