A Taster Platter of Romance: Let’s Talk Subgenres!

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A person doesn’t have to spend long in the reading world before it becomes obvious that romance is both very popular and extremely varied. So how does a person decide which kind of romance they might want to read? One way to do that is to take a look at some subgenres.

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There is no way I could ever cover all of the romance subgenres in one post, so I’m just going to list a few popular ones as examples to get the ball rolling. It is also worth noting that a subgenre is just a subdivision or a more specific category of the Romance genre, so all of these listed subgenres will end happily and center around at least one relationship.

And now, without further ado, our taster platter of romance subgenres!

Paranormal Romance

This subgenre is one of the harder ones to…

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Launch Party for Love at First Sip!

As you can see, we have a full schedule of fun events! We will have two Q&As, one with indie erotica and romance author Emerald Baynton and one with traditionally-published erotic romance author Pixie Stormcrow. We will also have some live readings by three of the authors in the anthology, and we are giving away... Continue Reading →

Jyvur Entropy and Emily S Hurricane get Dirty

Emily's Hurricane

Yeah, yeah, I know, we’re always dirty, but you haven’t read this interview yet. This is your blanket warning for NSFW content, in case you didn’t get the memo from the title. Aside from the delightfully steamy excerpt at the end, this is an interview with the talented author Jyvur Entropy, and when she and I get together we end up talking about porn. Sometimes, incredibly gross porn. So, maybe don’t read this if you’re squeamish or in public. Or do. It’s like, your choice, man.

A big warm Hurricane welcome to Mrs. Entropy, not only one of my favourite authors but someone I am proud to call a friend. She’s written in a ton of genres, from horror to romance to historical to erotica to dystopian to…you get the point. Her books are always powerful in one way or another, and now she’s joined me for not one but…

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Selling and Marketing Romance/Erotica: Interview with Emerald Baynton

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-JDHuDkA0g I spoke with indie romance and erotica author Emerald Baytnon. She shared some of what she has learned about wiring, selling, and marketing romance and erotica and amazon. She also tells us about her experiences working on anthologies and having her books made into audiobooks via ACX. Keep up with Emerald here!: https://www.emeraldscreations.org/ Emerald's... Continue Reading →

Diversity in Romance – Guest Post by Alix Hicks

Emerald's Creations

Another guest post today! I am so lucky to have so many talented authors willing to contribute content for all of you to read. And even better, they are all featured in our upcoming anthologies! You can find the details for Love at First Sip and Secrets in a previous post linked below.

And now! On to Alix’s thoughts on diversity in romance and LGBTQ+ representation, thanks so much for joining us Alix.

I used to think of reading and writing as pure escapism. I loved getting lost in worlds different from my own and, more importantly, escaping into someone else’s shoes. They didn’t have to have it great. Hell, their futures could be crumbling around them, but it was really nice to be able to imagine being that person–that guy.

A man who didn’t have to put on a binding vest before being comfortable going out in…

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GUEST POST: Dee Rasha talks Collaborative Projects

Emily's Hurricane

I love collaborating with other authors, even though I hated group projects in college: Here’s why!

I love collaborating with other authors. I truly do. It’s how I got into writing in the first place.

Actually, the very first story I have written was not mine alone. It was a joint effort between my cousin and I. We were in our early teens, we didn’t have cell phones, we didn’t use email, although we had a computer at home. Internet was not a thing then. At the time, we wrote actual letters to each other and in every letter, each of us wrote a part of our story and left it open in the middle of a scene or finished with a cliffhanger and the other one continued.

For those who don’t know how letters on a paper look like 😀 Here is our story in making.

My very first…

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