Darcy Coates: Horror with Hope

Holy CRIMINEY y'all! How is Darcy Coates not holding a Bram Stoker right now? I think as soon as an author has that common-folk-stank of commercial success, people become blinded to the true merits of their work. The twists in this book were incredible. Multiple twists that all wove together so well. And I saw... Continue Reading →

Review: Renovate by Nikki Kiley

They’ve been hired to remodel a mansion. Will they end up getting a room?Marisa Sanchez has grand designs for her future. After taking over her grandfather’s construction firm, the successful vlogger and civil engineer is about to take the next step with a new show on the Home Design Network. But she’s not pleased to find out... Continue Reading →

This is The Sexiest Zoe Chant Book

5 stars literally just because of that femdom scene at the end. Like damn Zoe Chant, I take back everything I said about your sex scenes being milktoast. Could have taken it a littler further imo. Like really, that good boy deserves a pegging. But eh, the teasing and controlling was pretty hot on its... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on Sartre

Today I finished this fairly solid intro to Sartre. I was already semi-familiar with Sartre, having studied existentialism a bit in my postmodernist classes in college. I'm not saying I'm an expert, but I have read a few snippets of "Being and Nothingness" (about as much of that dry jargon-heavy etymology-obsessed brick of symbolic-interactionism as... Continue Reading →

Shifter Beach Resort Christmas Romance

This collection was okay. Some of the stories are better than others. The weird story with the kittens is my least favorite. Now, I'll fully admit I'm not super familiar with the Shifting Sands universe, but Chant bills all her books as books that can be read as standalones, so I didn't think I had... Continue Reading →

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