Finally Fall Tag

I snagged this tag from Becky over at Becky Bookstore. Photo by Monstera on 1. In fall, the air is crisp and clear: name a book with a vivid setting! The Wheel of Time series has an incredibly vivid setting. Robert Jordan's worldbuilding is incredible! I just started book three and I'm currently trying... Continue Reading →

People who love Crazy

I'm not embarrassed (okay, maybe a little, but whatever); I love internet drama. I fucking love it. I watch all the tea channels. I always know who the villain of youtube is. I'm all over it. Give me the drama. Also, before anybody pops up with the hot take "women love drama" I learned something... Continue Reading →

Mid-Year Bookish Wrap-Up

Photo by Karina Zhukovskaya on Okay! It's the middle of the year! I've seen the Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag making it's way through the book blogging community. I decided to just do my own version of this. I'm not really feeling like half the questions. So I'm just making up my own thing, but... Continue Reading →

BIPOC Mental Health Month

July is BIPOC Mental Health Month. Here are just a few things you can do in July, that aren't the basic bitch 'destigmatizing' and 'self care' lazy posts that nobody needs more of. 1) Raise awareness about the harm caused by therapy and the mental health industry. Even if you believe therapy is genuinely helpful... Continue Reading →

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