My Books

Combustion is available for sale on Lulu and Amazon, but the full ebook is still on wattpad until July 31, 2020, when it will enter Amazon’s KDP Select Program.

Of Time Storms and Tourniquets is a completed fantasy-romance novel, available on wattpad.
Incel is not on this blog at this time. I’m planning a rewrite that will substantially change the story.
Desire and Destruction is a time-travel romance available on wattpad.

The sequel to my most well-known work, Combustion. This one is also a work in progress, currently being serialized on wattpad, because I write with the door wide open. This book focuses on Amorey and her struggle with Cotard’s Syndrome, which if you don’t know what that is, enjoy that internet black hole. It’s absolutely terrifying the things the human brain can do.

This WIP will remain on wattpad, even after Combustion is taken down for enrollment in the KDP program.