My Books

Combustion is available for sale on Lulu and Amazon, but the full ebook is still on wattpad until July 31, 2020, when it will enter Amazon’s KDP Select Program.

Of Time Storms and Tourniquets is a completed fantasy-romance novel, available on wattpad. It will be published through Lulu and Amazon later this year.

It is a subversive romance. This means that there is subtext. The book is a criticism of the romance genre, inspired by the Columbine fangirls. The Columbine fangirls are the logical conclusion of a world that positions bad and broken boys as desirable (which the romance genre does….constantly. So if you write that kind of shit…well, it’s your fault that demented bitches are getting wet to dead school shooters.)

Incel is a contemporary novel and dark character study. It was banned from wattpad, but I reuploaded several chapters under the title “Over, Buddy Boyo.” Hopefully keeping the I-word out of the title will help it fly under the radar. This book is in the official incel wiki and I’m so pumped about that.
I hope people reading the book will walk away knowing that the incel phenomena is so much more complex, moving, and multi-faceted than is often portrayed.
Desire and Destruction is a time-travel romance with a shy, short male love interest, instead of the typical alpha jerk. There is a femdom element and this has resulted in the very odd phenomena of a mostly male readership. ‘Sup dudes? I appreciate you. Most of my female readers dipped at the first spicy scene.

The sequel to my most well-known work, Combustion. This one is also a work in progress, currently being serialized on wattpad, because I write with the door wide open. This book focuses on Amorey and her struggle with Cotard’s Syndrome, which if you don’t know what that is, enjoy that internet black hole. It’s absolutely terrifying the things the human brain can do.

This WIP will remain on wattpad, even after Combustion is taken down for enrollment in the KDP program.