Sylek Phantasm

Sylek Phantasm is my alter ego who writes femdom monster girl smut. The first ‘Tales of Monster Girls’ book drops on April 3rd, 2021, with another 4 books planned in the series.

“Earthling,” she said, sharply. “You agreed to my terms. Experimentation and abduction in exchange for the fulfillment of your deepest wishes.”

Jasiel has always wanted adventure. But he gets more than he bargained for when he sets out for New Mexico and ends up in an alien spaceship instead! The alien woman wants to test the limits of the male Earthling body. In exchange for his body for two hours, she will give him a spaceship of his own.

Will he agree to this busty extraterrestrial’s strange proposition?

Jasiel is in for a wild space ride complete with pain, pleasure, and a good dose of spandex.

This book is free through the Kindle Unlimited Program! Or you can buy the ebook for 2.99

And coming soon…

Frosting the Abominable Snow Woman

She licked her lips and held her paws up again. “I have to be careful with you,” she murmured. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

He swallowed. Something about the concern in her voice brought an even greater stiffness to the erection between his legs. His cock twitched involuntarily. “Well…” he faltered. “Well, maybe you could tell me what I can do to help with this.”

Her ample chest heaved as her breath caught. The white fur over her nipples seemed to tighten. When she spoke, her voice was sultry and desperate. “Take your cock out, human.”

This book releases April 17th!

The Monster Girl series will be 5 books when all is said and done.

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