Secrets: Cover Teaser!

Seven salacious stories guaranteed to sizzle with the promise of whispered secrets and steamy reveals. From dominant strangers to intimate mistresses, wild west gang leaders to sinister witches, there is something here for every flavor, bound together by one simple fact—a secret. Unwrap these scintillating mysteries layer by layer to reveal delicious confessions. Join contributing... Continue Reading →

This is The Sexiest Zoe Chant Book

5 stars literally just because of that femdom scene at the end. Like damn Zoe Chant, I take back everything I said about your sex scenes being milktoast. Could have taken it a littler further imo. Like really, that good boy deserves a pegging. But eh, the teasing and controlling was pretty hot on its... Continue Reading →

Mid-Year Bookish Wrap-Up

Photo by Karina Zhukovskaya on Okay! It's the middle of the year! I've seen the Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag making it's way through the book blogging community. I decided to just do my own version of this. I'm not really feeling like half the questions. So I'm just making up my own thing, but... Continue Reading →

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