This is The Sexiest Zoe Chant Book

5 stars literally just because of that femdom scene at the end. Like damn Zoe Chant, I take back everything I said about your sex scenes being milktoast. Could have taken it a littler further imo. Like really, that good boy deserves a pegging. But eh, the teasing and controlling was pretty hot on its... Continue Reading →

Book Tour and Giveaway: Whisper of Darkness

~~🕮🕮~~ #BookTour & #Giveaway ~~🕮🕮~~ •¨) ★✨¸.•*´¨📚) ★.💕•*✨★(¸.•💕´📚 •*¨✨.📚•*´★(📚¸.  WHISPER OF DARKNESS (Banshee's Curse Book 1)  by Kristen Braddock  #Dark #Fantasy #Paranormal #Romance #PNR #WhisperOfDarkness #BansheesCurse @KristenBraddockBooks Cara Winters is cursed.​Loss has haunted her through life. A fun night out with her sister ends in disaster when she learns she's a banshee. With a chance encounter... Continue Reading →

Reading Tastes Tag

I was tagged by Anna the Book Critter who found this tag on booktube, created by Sophia from Sophia's Thoughts.  1. What is your favorite genre? I have two favorite genres, horror and romance. I love both and that's why I write both. Photo by Pixabay on Shameless plug! The second edition of my horror... Continue Reading →

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