Contemporary Romance, Popular Tropes, and Creating Audiobooks: An Interview with Emerald Baynton

Photo by Marcelo Chagas on The romance genre is the best genre. Just hands-down, the best. And this genre gets so much shade both from people inside of the book community and outside of it. A romance is only deemed “important” if you throw in some artsy-fartsy concept like magical realism and call it... Continue Reading →

Change Up Your Reading Bingo Challenge!

Okay, I am here in front of you all creating my own book blogger/reading challenge. Basically, in 2019 all I read were wattpad books. Then in 2020, I read almost entirely traditionally-published books. I find myself wanting to keep up with all the corners of the book community! I want to keep with trad-pub books,... Continue Reading →

I Finally Self-Published

I've been writing on wattpad for years, but was always really nervous to take the plunge and actually self-publish. Something about it just felt so final. Plus, once you self-publish, there's really no chance of ever getting the book traditionally-published. Well, I decided self-publishing was the way to go. Combustion has over 63,000 reads on... Continue Reading →

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